Exceptions Regarding Vehicle Entry / Exit Restriction to Cities

Exceptions related to vehicle entry and exit restriction to cities
Exceptions related to vehicle entry and exit restriction to cities

The Ministry of Internal Affairs sent an additional circular to the governorships in the metropolitan province where vehicle entry / exit restrictions were imposed and in Zonguldak where exceptions will be made for travel restrictions.

According to this; those who were discharged from the hospital where they were treated, those who traveled to attend the funeral of their first-degree relatives or siblings who passed away, or end their city 5 Those who come and have no place to stay, who complete their military service, and those who are released from prisons will be able to be given a travel permit by the Travel Permit Boards established within the governorship / district governorships. Alo 199 line belonging to the Ministry of Travel Permit requests will be made as a direct application to the Ministry's E-Application system and to the travel permit boards in the governorships and district governorships.

In the circular sent by the Ministry to the governorates, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee and our President Mr. He recalled that in accordance with the instructions of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a circular on City Entry / Exit Measures and Age Restrictions was sent to 30 provinces with metropolitan status and 81 provincial governors, especially Zonguldak, within the scope of coronavirus measures.

In the aforementioned circular, it was stated that, within the scope of combating the new type of coronavirus epidemic, all the entrances / exits to be made by land, air and sea in Zonguldak and the citizens who were born after 30 were restricted.

In the circular sent to the governorates, in order to determine the scope of the ones to be issued in accordance with the A / 3 / f clause of the City Entry / Exit Measures and Age Restriction circular, and those who document the existence of the following conditions can be obtained, such exceptions were counted as follows:

Provincial Entry / Exit Restrictions / Prohibitions;

  • Who is discharged from the hospital where he is treated and wants to return to his original residence, who has been referred with a doctor's report and / or previously received a doctor appointment / control,
  • Who will travel to attend the funeral of himself or his spouse, first-degree relatives or siblings who passed away,
  • Who will accompany the funeral transfer, except those whose cause of death is Kovit 19 up to 4 people,
  • Those who have come to the city in which they are in the last 5 days but who do not have a place to stay and who want to return to their settlements within 5 days, who have submitted with the travel ticket, the license plate they came from, another document showing their travel, information,
  • Who want to complete their military service and return to their settlements,
  • An invitation letter for private or public daily contract,
  • Released from penal institutions,
  • After coming from abroad, the 14-day quarantine and surveillance period has expired in the dormitories belonging to the Credit and Hostels Institution,
In case of the presence of the above mentioned situations, the travel permit certificates of the persons established within the Governorate / District Governorates can be issued.

To Receive Travel Permit Requests;

  • Ministry's Alo 199,
  • E-Application system of the Ministry,
  • Direct application to the travel permit boards in the governorates and district governorships, their procedures will be valid.
  • Travel permit documents will be issued as single departure or departure / arrival from departure provinces.
  • Travel permit documents will be valid for up to 36 hours if going for a single departure, and up to 72 hours if going for a round trip.
  • Necessary measures will be taken by Governorships in coordination with the relevant military units to reach the places where the discharged soldiers will go.
  • Travel permit documents are limited to the passenger carrying capacity for private vehicles, and for commercial vehicles with a maximum of 2 passenger capacity with a D20 passenger carrying certificate, they can be used provided that the number of passengers does not exceed half the capacity.
  • Within the scope of the A / 1 / c article of the Circular, people who came to the provinces whose entry and exit were restricted 5 days ago, but who do not have a place to stay and who want to return to their own residence, can request their travel permit from 05.04.2020:08.00 to Sunday 09.04.2020 until 08:00 on Thursday, XNUMX. .
  • Travel permit documents issued for citizens aged 22.03.2020 and over and those with chronic illnesses who are restricted to leave the house within the scope of the Circular No. 5762 dated 65; Within the scope of our Circular, the interest will be valid for the entrance / exit from the restricted cities.
  • In order for the above-mentioned measures to be implemented without interruption by the Governorships and District Governorates, necessary planning will be made, especially working conditions, location, and staff assignment, including the weekend, and no problems will be encountered in implementation.
  • In order to follow the implementation of the measures taken within the scope of the Interest Circular in provinces and districts, to eliminate any hesitations that may arise and to establish the unity of implementation, a Travel Permit Boards Tracking and Coordination Unit has been established within the Security and Emergency Center (GAMER), which will work uninterruptedly.


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