The Black Sea Reaches With Arkas Line

reaching the black sea with freshness arkas line
reaching the black sea with freshness arkas line

The restrictions on the highway caused by the Covid-19 outbreak led the exporter to different modes of transport. Arkas Line, which stands out with its regular weekly ship services to the Black Sea, contributes to the country's economy by providing the continuity of the supply chain while meeting the needs of exporters who have a load in the Black Sea by shortening transit times for fresh cargo with reefer (refrigerated) container shipments.

While the world is fighting with the Covid-19 outbreak, the changes in trade require different solutions for the current needs in the maritime and logistics sector. Today, the long queues formed with the controls and limitations at the country's border crossings bring along the delays in road transport. The sea way is a convenient solution thanks to the transit times from 1 to 2 days from port to port.

Even in this troubled period, Arkas Line continues its uninterrupted service to 68 ports in the world, and is next to the exporter with its weekly regular services as well as reefer container solutions.

Solution: Arkas Line Weekly Regular Black Sea Services

Perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products have a certain shelf life, and it is one of the issues that the exporter should pay attention to both in terms of transportation and time. It is necessary to deliver the fresh product loads to their places by direct services instead of indirect services.

Exporters can deliver their fresh products to the Black Sea with Arkas Line direct services departing from Marport, wherever they are located. The products that are filled into the reefer container at the port are being transported to the Black Sea ports with Arkas Line's regular weekly services. In the first stage, reefer shipments, which started to be transported to the Port of Constanta, Romania, whose transit time is only one day, ensure that the cold chain is protected and delivered to the place of the cargo, while supporting Arkas's “We are in Arkas of the Supply Chain”.

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