Mayor Şahin: 'Karşıkaya Tunnel Will End As Soon As Possible'

president sahin karsikaya tunnel will be finished as soon as possible
president sahin karsikaya tunnel will be finished as soon as possible

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin examined the work she started at the main barbell where vehicle traffic decreased due to the new type of Corona Virus (COVID-19) epidemic. Also with environmental craftsmen sohbet Şahin listened to his troubles and requests.

In the national struggle against the Corona Virus, which occupies the country's agenda in a short time, the Metropolitan Municipality, which takes advantage of the restrictions on the curfew of certain age groups, the interruption of the work of some professions and calls for “Stay at Home”, with the circulars issued by the Ministry of Interior and infrastructure and infrastructure. embarked on road works. In this context, Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin and his team follow the works carried out instantly and instantly. Examining the keystone renovation and repair work carried out by the Governorship of Gaziantep at Karagöz Avenue, which was closed to vehicle traffic at certain hours, President Şahin stated that the street that combines the commercial life of the city with its historical texture will take its new form as soon as possible. Reminding that the last 7 years ago, he was undergoing renovation during his presidency, President Şahin said that it made things easier to avoid the lack of traffic.

Mayor Şahin was then another work carried out by the Metropolitan with his team. Karşıyaka He visited the tunnel road widening. Şehitkamil and Karşıyaka He stated that the tunnel, which is of great importance for him, could not lift the existing load, and that the work undertaken would end as soon as possible.

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