National Electric Train Set Will Be Tested On May 29

national electric train set may be tested to may
national electric train set may be tested to may

Minister Varank said, “The tests of our National trains, which can speed up to 160 kilometers per hour, will start soon and our citizens will use these trains. On the 3th of May, we will set and test the 29 train sets.

Mustafa Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology, who has been investigating for the Electric High Speed ​​Train Set, which has been continuing to procure the domestic and national production by ending the procurement of High Speed ​​Train Sets from abroad with the 2020 Investment Program, has given a date for the national train.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, who came to Sakarya to examine the project in which the National Electric Train Sets produced by TÜVASAŞ are aimed to be used in fast and high-speed train lines, announced that the High Speed ​​Train sets will land on the rail on May 29 and start testing. Varank, who examined the construction phase of the new electric train sets at the factory, said, "We support this project, which has the status of milestone for Turkish Railways, to the end.

TÜVASAŞ to Produce 56 High Speed ​​Train Sets

Reminding that TÜVASAŞ is also included in the 2020 Investment Plan announced recently, Varank stated that 56 high-speed train sets will be supplied from the institution. TÜVASAŞ voicing Turkey is an important infrastructure for Varank, "our national high-speed train, integrated national high-speed train our way, we can produce from design to final point we are talking about a plant. I was very impressed with what I saw. " he spoke.

Industry and Technology Minister Varank said the state will purchase approximately 15 billion euros in rail systems over the next 15 years, saying:

“The product we have seen here is a train set that operates on our existing high speed train and high speed train lines, which can make 160 kilometers of speed starting from its design. Of course, the most important feature of the set we see here is the localization of these trains at high rates through suppliers. Traction systems, some of the bogie systems are made by ASELSAN. We have a Yaz-Kar company here, producing the air conditioner of the train. Our other companies localize a wide range of parts of this train. This ability is a valuable skill for us. After that, we want to create our own national domestic brand, to produce our own products as well as to become a global and competitive player in the world. ”

TÜVASAŞ Varank congratulating employees, establishing close cooperation with the private sector supplier of national institutions expressed that Turkey is a good model for the realization of this production.

Industry and Technology Ministry in Turkey as Varank indicating increasing domestic production and they have implemented a variety of policies to be developed, "we call industrial cooperation, do we have a program we draw roadmaps the vernacularization of products at auction. Without needing this, TÜVASAŞ actually did this here. I would like to thank them and especially our Minister of Transport. He paved the way for them and this is how we see our national trains. Tests of our trains, which can speed up to 160 kilometers, will begin soon. ” used expressions.

National Electric Train on the Rails on May 29

Stating that the next step of this is high speed trains capable of speeding over 200 kilometers per hour, Minister Varank said, “We have the ability to develop this with very small modifications. I hope we will have seen them on the tracks. ” said.

Varank gave the following answer to a journalist's question about when the national electric train set will land on the tracks:

“The tests of our national trains, which can speed up to 160 kilometers per hour, will start soon and our citizens will start using it. 3 sets of trains will be put on rails and tested on May 29. According to the tests, these trains will be used by our citizens in September. ”

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