Motorcycle Helmets and Latest Technology

smart motorcycle helmets
smart motorcycle helmets

We all know that the most important factor when using motorcycles is safety. We would like to inform you about motorcycle helmets, one of the safety related accessories. How should you choose helmets according to your intended use? motorcycle helmets We would like to inform you about. How should you choose helmets according to your intended use? According to what should you evaluate?

First, let's examine the types of motorcycle helmets:

Closed Motorcycle Helmets

It is the type of motor helmet that surrounds your head, which is called full helmet or full face. They are helmets that do not have a part that can be opened outside the windshield and ventilation channels. Closed helmets are the safest type of helmets produced to protect your head during the accident, with low wind resistance and very successful in sound insulation.

Cross Motorcycle Helmets

Bu Motorcycle helmets cover your entire head, such as closed helmets, and do not have a windshield. Especially the chin part is more protruding forward. The reason for this is to provide you to breathe easily while using cross-country motorcycles as you will spend more effort than other types of motorcycles.

Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets

It is a bidirectional helmet model. Many people may think that cross-helmets are models with visors, but although the design is similar, there is a difference in details. For the wind flow, the shell surface has fewer recesses and is designed to be relatively low in wind resistance, has a visor and the chin is protruding forward, although not as much as cross-country helmets.

Chin-Open Motorcycle Helmets

Although these helmets look like the same closed helmets, the chin part of the helmet can be opened by lifting it up to the upper part of the head thanks to the button on the chin. It is a helmet type considered for occasions. It is a unique blessing for those who work in motorcycles, couriers and take-away services.

Half Motorcycle Helmets

It is a group of helmets with various names such as open helmets or half helmets, perhaps the weakest in appearance and comfort, and the weakest in protection and protection. Open helmets protect your head to ear level, your face and chin remain fully open. It is very difficult to use in cold weather due to the fact that it gets plenty of air. In terms of sound insulation and safety, one should not expect much from open helmets.

Modular Motorcycle Helmets

This motorcycle helmet group is just like jaw-opening helmets, but instead of opening the chin part with a single movement, the chin part can be completely removed and turned into an open helmet. With the chin part attached, we can say that the protection and sound permeability are equally equal to the jaw-opening helmets. It is produced for those who want to use modular motorcycle helmets as a half helmet in summer and use the same helmet as a closed helmet that protects it from cold in winter.

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