Minister Varank Explained the Production Process of Domestic Intensive Care Respirator

minister explained the production process of varank domestic intensive care respirator
minister explained the production process of varank domestic intensive care respirator

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that the 14 percent domestic and national intensive care respirator, which started mass production in 100 days, is at world standards. said.

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Varank, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, evaluated the production process of the local intensive care respiratory device developed by Arçelik, Aselsan, Baykar and Biosys and received full marks from the physicians in their first use at the hospital, and the steps to be taken thereafter.

Expressing that the device was downloaded from the serial production line in a short time like 14 days, Varank said that the first products were made available in Başakşehir City Hospital.

Varank stated that the teams who came together for the production of the device never looked to make money for this process, “I read the reports of our engineers' technical work every day. Turkish engineers acted in the project with the consciousness of the National Struggle process. Each of them worked devotedly by adding their nights to the day. I have watched the products, which are difficult to import from abroad and even tried to be purchased at twice the price, are not localized in a short time like 2-3 days. This is something that can be sacrificed. ” he spoke.

The virus before coming to Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's instructions, they work and act together with the Ministry of Health describing Varank, continued as follows:

“We have started to make our planning very tightly for the products and materials that our country may need and that need to fight this virus. As you know, the most important feature of this virus is that it holds on to the lungs and renders them dysfunctional. It has been understood by the world that one of the most important tools to combat this disease is intensive care respiratory equipment. ”


Varank, intensive care as soon as possible, recognizing the need to search for respirator in Turkey, stating that the work done in this area, "had a very entrepreneurial company emerged with the support of the Ministry variety, the name Biosys. We have determined that this company produces intensive care respiratory equipment. These devices were only produced at the pilot level. All the 12 units produced in Turkey and have set is being used in some hospitals. So we made a planning with our friends and we said, 'We can produce these devices in our country.' So we set off. ” said.

Varank said that they quickly contacted Baykar and Aselsan and that they brought the companies together as a result of the negotiations they carried out to realize the serial production of the devices and to produce the parts inside.

“There was a great support of Selçuk Bayraktar especially from Baykar. We embraced this job and we did engineering work for mass production of the device. In the meantime, we contacted Arçelik, one of the well-established industrial organizations of our country. They also agreed to be in this work. A line from scratch was established for rapid and mass production of this and devices were started to be produced on this line. ”


Stating that besides these 4 big companies, especially the suppliers of SME scale are also included in the project, Varank said, “For example, our rubber company opened its factory only for the production of gaskets used in these tools. As a result of this partnership, which we can call as National Struggle, we have realized the mass production of this intensive care respiratory device, which is one of the most important health tools in the treatment of patients, which the world has been pursuing in a short time like 14 days. ” he spoke.

Varank, Turkey made very significant investments in the health field that drew attention.

“Maybe we will never need this device in this process. Because our infrastructure is solid, but in any case and condition, if we need it in the future, we have produced them very quickly, locally and nationally. ” Expressing Varank, expressing that the serial production of the device was started to be used if needed.


Varank indicating whether the devices are only produced for Turkey, "We produce these devices but also for humanity. If our President sees fit, this device can also be exported. Because we believe that we produce a world-class tool. ” said.

Move through the National Technology uses is not only Turkey's technology, stressed that they want to be a country producing technology Varank, he continued:

“It is clear where the path of this is going. As a country, we need to invest in R&D and people. We, under the leadership of our President, invest in R&D and people who will carry out these studies. We invest in our entrepreneurs and thanks to these investments we have made in 18 years, we have reached a very important point. The world was already talking about our successes in the defense industry, especially after our last operations. We want to spread this consciousness and this understanding we have captured to all areas of industry. ”

Varank said that they will continue to provide support for the production of high-tech products that will create added value in the health industry in the coming period.

Pointing out that the Ministry of Industry and Technology has very different policy instruments in this area, Varank said:

“We support R&D with TÜBİTAK. With KOSGEB, we try to encourage those to invest. Our development agencies find local companies and invest in them. The supports of the Ministry of Industry and Technology to R&D will continue in the field of health. We are now following our projects that we believe will make a sound in the world. For example, Aselsan is about to develop domestic and national MR devices. We also have projects that we carry out and involve our universities. We hope that we will come to the position of a country that is both self-sufficient and a remedy for the world in the health sector. (The

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