Kovid-19 Outbreak continues to spread in our country and in the world

Kovid epidemic continues to spread in our country and in the world
Kovid epidemic continues to spread in our country and in the world

Kovid - 19 outbreaks continue to spread in our country and in the world. Every day in our country, as in the world, new measures are taken every day in order to prevent the epidemic, while the casualties due to new types of coronavirus increase.

Kovid in Turkey - 19 is the most important community in the fight against the pandemic, the Ministry of Health Science Board coronavirus. The advisory board, chaired by Fahrettin Koca, the Minister of Health, consists of medical scientists who are experts in their fields. One of the important names in this board is Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. from Karadeniz Technical University. Dr. Tevfik Özlü. Özlü, while continuing his struggle as a doctor with a coronavirus, as a scientist, tries to inform the public as much as possible. In this context, today, in the joint broadcast of Radio Traffic, Kovid - answered our questions about the 19 outbreak.


Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Dr. Tevfik Özlü says that the epidemic still forces countries significantly. Özlü said, “China seems to have extinguished this work and fire a bit. Apart from that, fire continues in Germany, but the damage is much less, they are taking this more controlled process. In countries such as South Korea and Singapore, this process has been overcome with little damage. ” Then he explains that the process is much more damaged in Europe and the USA:

“When we look at Europe in general, we can say that the process was very damaged and returned to the fire place in Italy, especially Spain, France, England and even in the USA.”

Compared with the neighboring countries of the outbreak in Turkey, saying that the process appears to be relatively more controlled Prof. Dr. Özlü continues as follows:

"Compared with these countries surrounding Turkey seems relatively calmer and more controlled as of this moment. Of course, even if it is late, we follow the incident from behind. Now all our aim is to prevent the incident from getting out of control with these measures as in Europe. Because we can manage our patients as of now, none of our patients are exposed, but if the number of patients increases, the process may get out of control, so we hope these restrictions will positively affect the process. Hopefully there will be no increase in the number of our cases and the patients we lost in the coming days and we will evolve to healthier days together. ”


Professor Dr. Tevfik Özlü says that young people who do not have a chronic illness can overcome the illness. However, he points out that permanent damage can remain in those who recover:

“Now, of course, the vast majority of people infected with this virus, especially if they do not have a young and chronic illness, can survive mildly and there is no damage. Up to 15% of hospitalized patients also recover with treatment and return home without any damage. But we have 5% - 6% critical patients, unfortunately, they do not look as good. Deaths are mostly from this 5% group, and unfortunately, those who recover sometimes have permanent damage. But the most important issue in the fight against this virus is not to get infected with this virus. It is the safest. What should be focused on the most is what should be done in order not to get infected in this regard. ”


Kovid in Turkey - 19 taken several measures to combat the epidemic. While curfews were imposed on certain age groups, some points were closed to entry - exit or quarantined. It is known that social isolation is the most critical topic in combating the epidemic. However, in our country, many citizens still have to go out due to work. Professor Dr. Tevfik Özlü also makes the following suggestions to those who have to go out:

“First of all, they should leave the house only for compulsory situations and not leave unless there is a compulsory situation. Let them come out for work, for duty, for need, but not for them to enjoy. This is the first one. Latter; They should try not to come close to other people, and try to keep the distance of 1 to 2 meters during this period. So this 1 - 2 meter distance is not 100%, but a safe distance, which is enough to prevent it to a large extent. And if it is absolutely necessary to establish a relationship with other people that cannot maintain this distance of 1 - 2 meters, it may be work. Then be careful for both themselves and the other person to wear a mask and warn the other person. If he is not wearing a mask; 'Please close your mouth, close your nose!' May not be a mask at the moment, but they should ask them to cover their mouths and noses with a scarf or scarf or a piece of cloth or tissue. Let them use masks themselves. Because this can pass even during speech, a virus that can be transmitted very easily, they can get the disease immediately without realizing it. Apart from that, it is very important that they try not to touch the surfaces that others can touch. Let them try not to touch the places where everyone can touch it, if they do - they may have to touch it or not - then they must wash their hands immediately with water and soap, and try not to take their hands to their mouth, nose and face. Paplic surfaces, paplic areas are not very safe. Restaurants, gas stations, public toilets, hotels where others stay and so on are places that should be paid attention in this respect. When they touch the related surfaces, their hands may get dirty from the areas such as sinks, batteries, door handles, elevator buttons, etc. and become infected. Let them wash their hands with soap and water, and they should not touch their eyes, mouth or nose without washing. When they return to their home, they should go to the bathroom and take a shower, take off their clothes, if they are washed, wash, if they are not washed, they should have a balcony and air. Let them make contact with their families and households from now on, they should not touch anyone before that.

If there is an elderly mother, father, a diseased person, if there are people with a weak immune system, they should try to separate their houses with them if possible. Because they can get the virus from outside, they may not be sick or healthy, but they have the risk of transmitting it to people in the house, so they should protect their relatives. ”

Are we safe at home?

The most important rule to avoid the virus is social distance and staying at home unless you have to. Well, can we imagine that we are completely safe at home? Professor Dr. Tevfik Özlü's answer to this question is as follows:

“If you are at home, you are safe, but if you open the door, you are not safe. In other words, when someone knocks on your door… I am not talking about your family, your household, your family member, your neighbor, your neighbor may be any person you love… If you open the door to him, you are not safe. Because this virus does not enter you through the window or chimney. Another will bring you to this. The person who brings it will be your favorite, best friend and relative. Someone from a distance won't bring it to you.

However, the hookah or the bottler can also bring gas. So do not open your door, or wear a mask if you have to open it. Let the other person be masked and keep a distance of 1 - 2 meters. Do not take anyone arbitrarily home, not that period anymore. So; It's not time to sit, be with friends, visit home. ”


The rate of spread of the new type of coronavirus is worrying. The fact that there are so many cases and patients at one time pushes the health systems. In addition to preventing spread, it is known that the measures taken are taken to take care of all patients without paralyzing the health system.

How should someone who thinks they have Kovid - 19 symptoms at such a stage behave? What and how long do we have to wait to apply to a healthcare provider? These questions have an important place in the minds of many citizens these days. Professor Dr. Tevfik Özlü answers these questions and tells what to do:

“Now, all of us may have minor problems and complaints from time to time. This does not mean that we are sick with Kovid immediately. And in this period, it is risky to go to hospitals and health institutions in any complaints. Because even if you were not Kovid at the moment, you are likely to get it from the hospital you went to. So you are right, what should we not pay attention to? First of all, Kovid's patients have more or less fever. Even if it is not at the beginning, the fever develops in 1 day, 2 days. Having fever is not only with fever, there is a cough too often. Cough, dry cough, an uncomfortable cough. and you should definitely go to the health institution. But all three do not have to be together. Having fever and cough is enough for the application. Well, can it be without fever and cough? Could be. Sometimes it can just start with coughing. But if your general condition is good, if you do not have high fever, it is not a very uncomfortable stubborn cough, if you have respiratory distress, if you are young, an underlying chronic disease; If you do not have diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, it is safe to stay at home in this case. So it is safe for you to wait a little while applying to the hospital, that is, to watch yourself for fever. Because in this group, it does not progress in general and it is overcome by standing and no treatment is required. But, as I said, fever and cough, especially respiratory distress, may or may not be the third symptom. If you have this condition or if you are elderly or have chronic disease, it is safer to apply without waiting. ”


One of the important claims about the new type of coronavirus was that the virus will lose its effect in the summer. Some leaders in the world even claimed that the virus would disappear in the summer when the epidemic began to spread to Europe. So is this a possibility or a completely fictitious discourse? Professor Dr. Özlü says that this possibility is somewhere between the two extremes:

“Not scientific, but not asparagas. There is hope here, let me say it. This is somewhere between the two ends. Because we know that recurrent coronavirus infections usually occur in humans in winter and end in summer. It always happens, they are repeated every year. But these are not new Kovid, of course other Coronaviruses. Again, SARS was a disease very similar to this coronavirus. It ended with the arrival of summer again. So there is such an expectation, such a hope for this coronavirus. Of course, this is not only related to the air temperature, but when it is hot, there is also the sun in the air, the sun also decreases the vitality and infectiousness of this virus with its ultraviolet light and destroys it in a short time. Again, moisture is important, the virus is inactivated more quickly in dry environments. Therefore, such an expectation is not very unrealistic with the arrival of summer and the warming of the weather. But there is such an expectation in almost everybody, all over the world, as a scientific assumption, not just as a mathematical modeling, but just as a hope.


Mankind has faced many pandemics so far. Although painful losses were given, all of them could be overcome. Kovid - 19 pandemics will also be an event we left behind in a future we do not know yet. So, will the world still be as we know it? Can we continue with the same habits and behaviors after this trauma? Professor Dr. Tevfik Özlü's views on this issue are as follows:

“Actually, I think this virus is a finding, an alarm, that shows that things are not going well in the world we live in and we have built, and that everything is not very good. Of course, this may not be limited to the new coronavirus disease. After that, we may face similar epidemics and threats again. I think this experience we live is important in terms of showing us where we have problems and where we are weak in the life we ​​are living in the world. Because from now on, I think life will not be as easy as before. There will be many changes in our lives from now on. Everyone, whether they want it or not, all countries, all peoples, all people first saw that such a biological threat could have very serious consequences for them and change their whole lives. That's why I think this experience will be permanent from now on. Because people can forget what happened, but they do not forget their feelings. The current panic, anxiety, worry, fear… It is impossible to forget them. I think these will lead to permanent change. Hygiene will be questioned, crowds will be questioned. From now on, we will be more careful or reluctant when going to matches, rallies, concerts, going to closed cinemas, gyms, or our habits regarding these issues and these organizations will change. I think that from now on, public transportation, such big metropolises, cities where 15-20 million people live, a crowded life where strict social distance cannot be maintained will be questioned from now on. Agriculture has always been important, but it will become even more important. Supply sector, logistics importance kazanwill ache. The digital world is becoming more important to people, I think. People will begin to become more individual, more self-centered, perhaps more selfish. Countries will invest more in the pharmaceutical sector, medical health sector, agriculture to become self-sufficient. So, of course, I think that many things, many perceptions will change. But these are of course conjectures.”

“NObody IS SAFE”

Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Dr. Tevfik Özlü also has the following warnings and suggestions to citizens:

"The most important thing at the moment Turkey, we are passing through a very critical period. These two weeks are very important and we need to take the situation and precaution seriously. Please no one will say 'Nothing will happen to me!' lest you should say. Because many of my colleagues, my friends, employees are currently fighting for artificial respiration devices in intensive care units. Just 3 days ago they were standing like me. They were like you. So this is no joke, it is easily transmitted and sometimes it is very heavy. That's why everyone has a big responsibility right now. As I said, your door knocks and you open your door. As soon as you open it, someone can present this virus. If nothing happens to you, it can be your spouse, if it is not your spouse, it can be your father, your mother, your child. I watched the videos in Italy. I saw that those children between the ages of 8 and 10 were unable to breathe and drowned. This made me very uncomfortable, very upset. Nobody is really safe. I want to say to everyone that my voice is heard for him: 'Please stay at home, please stay at home!' Do not go out, do not enjoy it so much. Don't take anyone into your home. Whether you are a relative, a friend, or a neighbor, don't take it. Do not open your door if it is not necessary. If you open it, keep a distance of 1 to 2 meters. These are very important. You can only be protected by these. If you stay at home, you are safe, nothing happens. Its 'Turkey Stay home!' I say and of course I want to address the administrators in all provinces, Governorates, District Governorates, Mayors and law enforcement officers: What happens, let them inspect these restrictive measures and warn those who do not comply. Let them enforce the sanctions and let's get through this process with the least damage nationally. ”

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