New Roadmap for Engelsizmir in Corona Days

new roadmap for barrier-free in corona days
new roadmap for barrier-free in corona days

The Engelsizmir commission came together and set up a new road map within the scope of Crisis Municipality.

The Barrier-Free Izmir commission, which was formed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to find solutions to the problems of the disabled, came together to evaluate the work so far. Commission, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIt determined a road map about what kind of an obstacle-free Izmir structure should be within the scope of Crisis Municipalism put forward by .

President of the Engelsizmir Commission Levent Köstem pointed out that the most disadvantaged groups in the coronavirus epidemic are the disadvantaged groups. Among these disadvantaged groups, Levent Köstem stated that especially disabled people face very serious problems. They are in constant communication with those in the risk group electronically. People with disabilities are enabled to go to and from health care institutions with disabled transportation vehicles. The technical infrastructure of providing distance education to individuals who received special education support from Disabled Services Branch Directorate was established and distance education was started to be provided. Education is very important, so it should not be interrupted. ”

“People who are in the most difficult situation are people with disabilities”

Stating that families with disabilities should not be forgotten, Köstem said, “Because of them, social service specialists, psychologists, online psychological support and guidance studies are carried out, which is one of the most important jobs. Disabled individuals who request economic and social assistance support are directed to the economic aid system. ” Stating that the most difficult situations in this period are disabled people, who make up about 12 percent of the society, Köstem said, “But among them, almost 5 percent are seriously disabled. That 5 percent of people have serious problems. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was very active in this regard and took many precautions. What we can do as the Engelsizmir commission, what can we suggest, we discussed them ”. Köstem continued his words as follows: “Imagine that an autistic child could never leave the house. But the autistic child has to do certain things every day. You cannot change this. It can become aggressive the moment you change it. This is a very troublesome situation, at a time when domestic violence increases so much. For this reason, we strive for what we can do for families, how we can support them. ”

Ideas and solution proposals that emerged in yesterday's meeting of the commission, which also included the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department, will be turned into a report. The report was prepared by the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to be used within the scope of the Crisis Municipalism directive. Tunç Soyerwill be submitted to.

The Engelsizmir commission, which was set up by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which set out to be the pioneer of life without disabilities, came together and evaluated the work so far.

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