Konya residents follow social distance rules in public transportation

Let's Pay Attention to Social Distance in Public Transportation
Let's Pay Attention to Social Distance in Public Transportation

Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues to apply social distance rules with disinfection works in public transportation vehicles against the coronavirus epidemic.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that they have taken all precautions throughout the city and in public transportation vehicles since the first day the coronavirus epidemic came to our country and said that they have continued their disinfection studies. Noting that they organized public transportation services to ensure that Konya residents comply with the social distance rules and continue their controls, Mayor Altay thanked everyone who stayed at home and paid attention to social distance while using public transportation.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which regularly hangs labels stating that the process is done by disinfecting buses and trams, has posted warnings in the form of "Protect your social distance, leave this seat empty" to the seats next to each other in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which goes to regulate the public transportation tariffs with the decrease of the number of passengers, but places additional flights every 5 and 10 minutes to the lines that are busy at certain times in the morning and in the evening, in accordance with the social distance rules. he is planning his trip.


Metropolitan crews warn that they must comply with the social distance rules by conducting inspections in public transportation vehicles during morning and evening hours.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which pays attention to the hygiene of the passengers by installing disinfectants in the heavily used public transportation stops, continues its information activities for protection against viruses.

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