Celebrating the 83rd Anniversary of the Foundation of KARDEMİR

Celebrates the anniversary of Kardemir's anniversary
Celebrates the anniversary of Kardemir's anniversary

Karabük Iron and Steel Works (KARDEMİR) General Manager Hüseyin SOYKAN, the starting steel production in the first Turkish iron produced in KARDEMİR on 10 September 1939, today the world's 8th of Turkey, reported that the move Europe is 2nd the largest producer of .

Soykan used the following statements in his message published on the foundation of the company, whose foundation was laid on April 3, 1937: Today, it is the 83rd anniversary of the establishment of KARDEMİR and the 25th anniversary of privatization. When you go 83 years ago; you will see that a nation that came out of the liberation war started the heavy industry move in poverty and poverty and set out for economic breakthroughs with facilities such as Karabük Iron and Steel Factories in order to crown the political and military victories in the battlefields with economic victories. When you go 25 years ago, these factories, which are one of the most important works of our Republic, from the workers, their unions, tradesmen, traders, industrialists to retired people, embark on a new excitement to revive their factories with a sense of ownership that is uncommon in the world. It is seen that it is placed. The production of such a large integrated facility in a short period of 3 years after the foundation laid on April 1937, 2,5 is the result of our people's hard work, determination and belief. With the first Turkish Iron produced Kardemir on September 10, 1939 began trading today Turkey is the world's 8th and Europe have moved to the largest producer in the 2nd, the steel sector has been one of Turkey's most important export sector.

Turkey's labor of each Karabuk no doubt that this development has taken and sweat. On this occasion, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who provided the establishment of KARDEMİR as the most important building block of our national industrialization move, came from all over our country, to establish the Karabük Iron and Steel Factories and to survive until today. I express my gratitude and gratitude to everyone who contributed with their sweat.

I still sincerely greet all of our employees who shed their mind and take their mind to carry the flag they received from their ancestors.

It is not only Karabük, which has shaped its name in Turkish industry with the title of "the factory that establishes factories", which shapes the future of our country, realizes its ideals and dreams, pioneers its industrial breakthroughs, and spreads its industry across the country with the new culture it has built and idealistic people. with the mission undertaken in the development of all KARDEMİR Turkey's pupil, it has now become one of Turkey's largest industrial enterprise. In Kardemir, where more than 2 billion dollars of investment was made in the remaining quarter century after the privatization, the production capacities were moved from 500 thousand tons to 2,5 million tons; The product range has been expanded with high added value products such as rail, coil, and railway wheels. KARDEMİR; The company, which can offer different steel qualities to sectors such as rail systems, automotive, defense industry, machinery manufacturing industry, can produce most of the electrical energy it consumes with the energy investments it realizes, and realizes the environmental investment of over 150 million dollars and social responsibility project of millions of liras. has become a company stronger than yesterday, more competitive than yesterday, and more value than yesterday for its stakeholders.

The first mill Kardemir, Turkey and today produces the rails and railway wheels is one of the world's leading manufacturers. Thick coils and is Turkey's only producer of heavy profiles. With the R&D center it has brought to Karabük in 2019 and the working groups it has created, it tries to contribute more to the national moves of our country. Towards a faster, more flexible and more digital production and management structure with the digital transformation project launched by our Republic in line with its 100-year goals. is on the way.

With a new blast furnace with a capacity of 1.000.000 tons and a new converter investment in the steel shop region, our production capacities will reach 3,5 million tons in all production processes. Take to Kardemir, who pursues sustainable successes with the trust and support of all Karabüklü and our stakeholders, and makes our employees, who contribute with their mind, and make Kardemir one of the biggest industrial organizations in the country, remember all our managers with gratitude and gratitude. and I wish you long life. I greet all the people of Karabük and our employees with the wish that our world, which had a hard time due to the coronavirus epidemic, and our country will have healthy days as soon as possible.

Happy 83rd anniversary of Karabük and Kardemir. ”



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