Public Transportation Use In İzmir Felled By 85 Percent

Mass transportation use in Izmir
Mass transportation use in Izmir

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in İzmir, the daily decline rate in public transportation usage figures reached 85 percent.

In İzmir, there was a decrease of approximately 85 percent in the rate of using public transportation. The public transportation numbers that declined after the coronavirus epidemic in the city were determined as 6 thousand 277 as of April 259th. This figure was 2 million 1 thousand 800 on Monday, March 436. The decrease in the rate of using public transportation at the weekend reached 90 percent.

As of Monday, April 65, the number of use of ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses decreased by 6% compared to Monday, March 2, in rubber transportation, which meets nearly 82 percent of all boardings.

Only 1922 Boarding of the Ships

The most decline in boarding was experienced in ships with a rate of 96,2 percent. On Monday, April 6, only 1922 boarding was made to cruise ships. This figure was 2 thousand 50 on Monday, March 2. The number of boarding ferry fell 90 percent in ferries.

There are two trams

The total number of boarding passes in the subway fell by 2 percent compared to Monday, March 86,1. The average number of boarding passes, which was 350 thousand per day, was counted as 6 thousand 45 on Monday, April 115. Host and Karşıyaka The number of boarding passes on trams also decreased by an average of 91. The mansion used by more than 100 thousand passengers per day in total on average and Karşıyaka only 6 thousand 10 boardings were made to the trams on Monday, April 298.

İZBAN 300 thousand to 38 thousand

The rate of decline in the IZBAN Suburban Line also reached 85 percent. IZBAN, which is normally used by nearly 300 thousand passengers a day, had 6 thousand 38 passengers on Monday, April 24.


The average number of boarding passes in İzmir-Seferihisar, which exceeded 10 thousand per day, was only 6, on Monday, April 85, with a 1634 percent drop.

10 Units Expenses, 1 Unit Income!

Considering the rule of “not taking more than 50 percent of the capacity of the vehicles to the vehicles” brought by the circular of the Ministry of Interior; Only 10 unit of income is earned for every 1 units spent in public transportation.

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