Is There a Coronavirus Cemetery in Istanbul?

Is there a coronavirus cemetery in Istanbul
Is there a coronavirus cemetery in Istanbul

Head of the İBB Cemeteries Department, Koç: “We treat the people who have passed away in the same way, just as we treat our deceased citizens due to coronavirus. The perception of the 'corona cemetery' created is not correct. ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Cemeteries Department, coronaviruses continues to work with great care in Istanbul has experienced more than 60 percent of the risk in Turkey. Considering the measures of the Scientific Committee and Religious Affairs, the Department of Cemeteries, religious officials and staff on the field carry out the burials of citizens who lost their lives due to Covid-19 within the framework of hygiene measures.

Speaking to İBB TV, İBB Cemeteries Department Head Ayhan Koç made the following explanations: “The Scientific Committee has its decisions, the Religious Affairs have its recommendations. We make our burials in accordance with these decisions. In these burials; There is no difference between our citizen who died due to coronavirus and our other citizen. When we receive news of a normal death, it falls into our system. After the doctor's report is issued, as soon as it is deducted from the population registration, we are immediately aware of the system we use in common, and quickly, our teams take the funeral from the house or hospital in a fully equipped state, and perform the gas station, shrouding. Paying attention to the social distance, we perform prayers with the congregation of 5-10 people and perform burials quickly.


Drawing attention to the images circulating on social media and distorting the facts. The coach denied the created 'corona cemetery' perception: “If the person has their own family cemetery, we are buried there. If not, we carry out the transactions for Kilyos in Europe and Upstream on the Anatolian Side. We don't have a corona cemetery. If our citizens who died due to coronavirus do not have burial places, we are buried in these cemeteries in order to act quickly and minimize the risk. When there is a problem, our citizen can contact the İBB Cemeteries Department or the White Table and get all kinds of information. ”


IMM Cemeteries Department, which implements all the precautions taken by healthcare workers in its own employees, disinfects funeral vehicles against possible dangers; gives equipment such as overalls, gloves and masks to its employees.

Due to the coronavirus on the led signs placed behind the funeral vehicles of IMM, the citizen is called to stay at home with the text #EVDEKAL.



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