Innovative Energy Infrastructure for Plastic Industrialists

Innovative Energy Infrastructure for Plastic Industrialists
Innovative Energy Infrastructure for Plastic Industrialists

Turkey's first Visa Kırklareli implemented in special plastic specialized organized industrial zone began PAGDER LION energy infrastructure investments in OSB. PAGDER ASLAN OSB, which will present industrialists as a result of the cooperation with the new generation technologies Schneider Electric for the safe and efficient use of energy, will bring uninterrupted and high quality energy, which is the most important need of plasticists, to the sector.

within the scope of Turkey's first privately organized industrial zones which PAGDER LION OSB cooperation with, they work for the establishment of an innovative energy infrastructure expressing Schneider Electric of the Organized Industrial Zone Responsible Sales Manager Yucel Erkan, "in the region, we are building a system connected end to end with our pioneering technology in the field . Thus, we aim to offer uninterrupted energy, one of the basic needs of plastic manufacturers, with Schneider Electric assurance. In the first phase of the project, the supply of medium voltage cells equipped with communication sensors will be realized in 13 distribution centers. Then, SCADA system provided by Schneider Electric will be installed for remote monitoring, control of low voltage, medium voltage cells and relays. ”

Erkan stated that the installation of Power Advisor and Asset Advisor solutions will be provided in order to complete Schneider Electric EcoStruxture solution and provide an end-to-end solution at the last stage of the energy infrastructure works. This will make it possible to monitor and flow the energy 7/24. At the same time, any malfunction can be detected in advance and predictive maintenance can be applied. ”

Underlining that the most important need for uninterrupted and high-quality supply of energy for plastic industrialists, whose electricity consumption is relatively intense, PAGDER ASLAN OSB Regional Manager Kadri Ün stated that the construction of the appropriate energy infrastructure designed for plasticists has started with the cooperation of Schneider Electric. Stating that the said infrastructure investments will also contribute to the efficiency of the plastic industrialists who will start production in Vize, Ün pointed out that the participating companies will also have a competitive advantage in the market thanks to their infrastructure possibilities.

Stating that they want to digitize PAGDER ASLAN and take it one step further, Ün completed his words as follows; “Construction of 13 energy distribution centers continues in our region. By connecting to the direct transmission line, we aim to provide solutions to our industrialists who will have 30 percent cheaper energy compared to environmentally organized industrial zones, not only in electricity distribution, but also in the use of sustainable energy resources, innovative-green production sites, solar energy. ”

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