IMM Asphalted Critical Points in Istanbul During Curfew

ibb paved the critical points in Istanbul during the curfew
ibb paved the critical points in Istanbul during the curfew

📩 27/04/2020 15:07

İBB has maintained and repaired the roads and squares vacant due to the curfew. The works were completed quickly and the citizens who returned to daily life after the curfew were prevented from being victimized on the roads. İBB President İmamoğlu announced the study on his social media account.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continued road maintenance, repair and asphalt paving during the four-day curfew. 14 thousand 500 tons of asphalt paving process has been completed in Istanbul. Corruptions on routes that are difficult to work due to heavy vehicle and spring traffic have been corrected.

It is benefited from the absence of traffic

Announcing the works on his social media account, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu“While you are at home, we complete all road maintenance and repairs on important routes. We carry out the works that would normally take 15 days, in 1-2 days due to the lack of traffic, and with high quality.”

The teams affiliated to the IMM Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, benefiting from the curfew, selected critical points across the city to work. When the curfew was over, the work was accelerated so that the traffic was not interrupted and citizens were not victimized. Under normal circumstances, the works completed within a two-week period were placed in the curfew process.


Sarıyer, Bayrampaşa, Silivri and Avcılar on the European Side; On the Asian side KadıköyThe problems such as pits and peeling in roads and squares in Kartal, Sancaktepe were eliminated. In these regions, high quality and healthy asphalt was produced. The teams, who worked intensely, took the necessary precautions against coronavirus. In addition to using equipment such as masks and gloves, employees also maintained social distance.

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