IMM Teams, Kabataş Bağcılar Cleaned the Tram Line!

IBB Teams Clean Up Kabatas Bagcilar Tram Line
IBB Teams Clean Up Kabatas Bagcilar Tram Line

İBB has 31 stations, one of the highest lines in Istanbul. Kabataş –Bağcılar Cleaned the tram route.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues the cleaning and washing works on public transportation lines within the scope of combating coronavirus. Finally T1 Kabataş- Purification works were carried out in Bağcılar Tram Line. The works will continue in the coming days.


A total of 7 vehicles and 17 İSTAÇ staff participated in the washing and purification of the line. Four of the vehicles were mechanical washing vehicles, one was a mechanical vacuum cleaner and the other two were double cabin trucks used by mobile teams.

T1 Kabataş- Bağcılar Tram Line is one of the busiest and high capacity transportation routes in Istanbul. The line is a total of 19,3 kilometers long. There are a total of 31 stations on the route.

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