Masks Were Distributed to Citizens Using Public Transportation in Gaziantep

A mask was distributed to citizens using public transportation vehicles in gaziantep
A mask was distributed to citizens using public transportation vehicles in gaziantep

The hygiene mobilization carried out by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the fight against Corona Virus (COVID-19) was expanded, and the people who received public transportation services were given masks by giving intensity to mask distribution throughout the city.

Studies against the Corona Virus, which emerged in the People's Republic of China on December 12 and became a global epidemic in a short time, were increased both nationally and internationally. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality started to distribute masks to the citizens who receive service in all public transportation vehicles across the city in order to prevent the increase of infection risk throughout the country.

Masks, whose daily production capacity was increased to 12 thousand in the Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses (GASMEK), were distributed to citizens at Yeşilsu, Balıklı, 15 July Democracy Square, 25 December and Gazi Muhtar Pasha tram stops. In addition, citizens without masks were warned by staff on duty. With this application, which was launched to prevent people from wandering in the unmasked city; It was aimed to increase the sensitivity to the epidemic.

Servet Güney, one of the citizens who received public transportation services, stated that it was difficult to access the mask at the time, “My mask was deformed a while ago. I did not want to ride without a mask while getting on public transportation right now. I immediately came to see the employees distributing masks at the station. I got my mask. It is really a very useful application. Because we have to protect and isolate ourselves.

Mustafa Özdemir expressed his appreciation when he saw the mask distribution and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the distribution.

Günceleme: 05/04/2020 12:14

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