Flexible Work in Family Health Centers Should Be Started

flexible working in family health centers
flexible working in family health centers

Turkish Health Sen Kocaeli Branch President, Turkey Kamu-Sen Supervisory Board Member Omar Truck Kocaeli Chairman of the Association of Family Physicians, the Turkish Health Sen visited Family Physicians President of the Commission at the beginning of Family Physicians Recep Pehlivan task. After the visit, where the problems and demands of healthcare professionals working in Family Health Centers were discussed, Branch President Çeker issued a written statement.

Çeker gave the following statements in his written statement; “Due to COVID-19 cases, which have an effect all over the world and in our country, remote, alternating or flexible overtime applications are carried out to prevent the transmission and spread of the disease.

He stated that in the Presidential Circular no. 22.03.2020/31076, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 2020 and reiterated in 4, the public service system could be implemented in a way that would not disrupt the service. At this point, alternating and flexible work is carried out in many public institutions and hospitals. It is also stated in the circular that administrators can decide in this direction.

The risk of transmission of the virus to Family Physicians and Family Health Workers is very high in the Family Health Centers (ASM), where our citizens apply for health care at a time when homestay calls are made by all segments and everyone is asked to pay attention to this rule.

Unfortunately, some of the healthcare professionals working in ASM across the country and in our city were caught in the corona virus, and they were quarantined. Others are treated in the hospital.

When all of these are evaluated together, it would be correct to switch to ASM flexible overtime. As a matter of fact, it is seen that many cities have adopted a working principle in this direction. The demand of Family Physicians and Family Health Employees working in Family Health Centers in our city is in this direction.

We should protect our healthcare professionals who work at ASM, which is considered as the highest risk of transmission of the virus, against mental trouble. The ongoing process will also be in great need of our citizens. In this process, there are countless benefits not to tire Family Physician, Family Health Workers.

Family Physicians, who work at ASM, can apply to the Provincial Health Directorate with a petition to turn these rightful demands that are recognized by the circular into a concrete form.

Everyone should know that they are always ready for the task, if necessary. But in the current situation, it would be appropriate for them to switch to flexible working hours.


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