Make Your Own Mask At Home

make your own mask at home
make your own mask at home

ISMEK instructors have posted videos for those who want to make their own mask at home. In the video shared from IMB's social media accounts, the details of making masks were explained in detail.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is continuing to fight with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic that affects the whole world. ISMEK trainers, who work within the IMM Lifelong Learning Directorate, published an informative video for those who want to make their own mask at home.

Nursev Garipdoğan, one of the teachers of İSMEK, shared the following information about mask sewing at home:

“With the video we prepared, we aim to provide convenience to those who want to sew their own mask. For disposable masks, the interlining fabric is first cut into a 22-centimeter and 17-centimeter rectangular piece. The rectangular piece folds down about 1,5 centimeters in the middle and bends downwards. Thanks to this process, the pleats of the mask are formed. In the mask, after folding for the area to come to the nose part, the package wire is placed inside the folded part and pinned. After the needling process, the mask is ready for sewing. ”


Garipodoğan, who also touched on the points to be considered while sewing the mask, continued as follows:

“It is very important to fold the sides of the mask. In the mask, due to the tires to be mounted to the ear, 17 centimeter part of the interlining fabric is folded and sewed 'by forming a groove'. Starting from the sides, the sewing of the entire mask is completed with simple needle stitching. The rubber is passed through the grooves formed next to the mask, the two ends of the tire are sewn together and turn until the sewn part is not visible in the groove. Thus, mask sewing is completed. ”


2 20-centimeter tires, some pins

Closing wire that we use in packaging or packaging

Sewing thread, scissors, non-woven surface interlining



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