EpttAVM Mask Distribution Transitioned to E-Government! So, How to Buy E-Government Free Mask?

epttavm mask distribution has passed to the state, so how to get a free state mask
epttavm mask distribution has passed to the state, so how to get a free state mask

New decisions continue to be taken to prevent the KOVID-19 outbreak. In the announcement made as of Friday, unmasked access to places where there was intense activity such as markets, markets and public transportation was prohibited. It was stated that after these developments, free mask distribution application was started.

In line with the joint decision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it was announced at the last minute that ePttAVM will provide free masks excluding citizens aged 20-65. Thanks to the application, citizens can get 5 free masks every week. EPTTAvm after this announcement yesterday I maske.epttavm.co There was a concentration on them and citizens had access problems when applying for a mask. Therefore, it was decided to distribute the mask via e-Government, not ePttAVM.

How to Get a Free Mask via E-Government?

First of all, citizens will no longer need to complete the free mask purchase application form via E-Government, not ePttAVM. Afterwards, mask distribution will be made completely free of charge by PTT under the coordination of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

According to the new announcement made in ePttAVM, every citizen who fills in the application form via E-Government will be able to obtain 5 3-Layer Surgical Masks and will not pay any price in return.

For Free Mask Application via E-Government CLICK HERE


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