Elazig Municipality Reorganized the Bus Schedule

Elazig Municipality reorganized the Bus Timetable
Elazig Municipality reorganized the Bus Timetable

Elazig Municipality rearranged the bus times; Elazig Municipality made a new arrangement in public transportation times within the scope of Corona virus epidemic measures.

As of 24 April 2020, the last time was reduced to 18.30 within the scope of the arrangement.

In the statement made by the Press and Publication and Public Relations Directorate of Elazig Municipality, the new regulation was mentioned as follows: “Within the scope of the corona virus epidemic measures, a new regulation was made by the Elazig Municipality Transportation Services Directorate during public transportation times. In this context, as of Friday, April 24, the last flight hours were reduced to 18.30. Within the scope of the arrangement, the Martyr Fethi Sekin City Hospital will be organized once at 23.00:XNUMX in order to prevent our healthcare workers from suffering. ”



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