Darülaceze's 380 Employees Will Continue To Serve Its Guests!

the staff of darulaceze will continue to serve its guests
the staff of darulaceze will continue to serve its guests

19 employees of İBB Darülaceze, whose Covid-380 test was negative, will not go home for 15 days in order not to risk their aged guests and will continue to serve their guests.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Istanbul Hospice Directorate, against Cobid-19, which has spread around the world and has not yet developed an effective vaccine, creates a safe environment for its guests by keeping the measures at the highest level since the first day the virus was seen in our country. According to the newly created action plan; Darülaceze, whose guests are in the disadvantaged group, its residents are isolated.

Statutory Director Oktay Özten stated that all the visits, including the relatives of their ages, were canceled and said, “We also stopped the activities of organizations, internships and volunteers. All living spaces in the institution were disinfected. Our residents, who work both with posters and by the doctors of the institution and who continue their lives, have been informed and informed about the virus. All protective health equipment of the personnel was also provided from the very first moment. ”


Stating that they have launched their second action plans against the Covid-19 outbreak, Özten continued his statement as follows: “Patient care, cleaning, healthcare workers were divided into groups and switched to a working system that would serve the institution in fifteen days periods. In this context, each group was included in the study by applying Covid-19 test. First, the group of 380 employees went through this test and started their fifteen-day boarding work. In addition, meals are cooked entirely in-house to protect residents from the effects of the virus and contribute to their social stays. Health demands are met by Hospice doctors 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. We meet many demands such as social and psychological support in the same way. ”



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