Imamoglu '9 Metro Drivers Covit-19 Test Positive Output' Curfew Required

The covit test of the imamoglu metro driver is positive, the street is out of order.
The covit test of the imamoglu metro driver is positive, the street is out of order.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, The questions of the columnists Ahmet Taşgetiren, Elif Çakır and Yıldıray Oğur about the coronavirus epidemic, YouTube answered in the program broadcast live. İmamoğlu said, “In Istanbul, how many people still cannot stay at home”, “Unfortunately, there is a 700 thousand public transportation usage in Istanbul. Private vehicle usage is also very high. This upset us. It is not at the levels we want after the ban under 20. It is gratifying that 85 percent of the society complies with this call. This is a good rate. As a respectable attitude in the world, we can cost Istanbulites, but there are serious facilities in Istanbul. In this sense, we anticipate that there may be a population of 2-2,5 million in the street in Istanbul. This is a serious threat. ”


İmamoğlu said, “You say there is a strict curfew for Istanbul for at least 2 weeks. Ankara, on the other hand, imposes a more flexible curfew. The question of what is the reason for you to insist on curfew insistently, summarized as follows: “I suggest 2-3 weeks of curfew, not my personal suggestion. It can't be anyway. Because this is not a political decision, it should be a scientific decision. If it sits on a scientific ground, it should be done; if it doesn't sit, it shouldn't be done anyway. As a result of both the report of the Scientific Committee we organized in IMM and the statements of scientists and medical people at the Pandemic Committee meeting organized by the Governorship of Istanbul, where we could attend twice. Another one is my sense; It is said that the Science Board in Ankara made statements in this direction. Some members express one to one. A pandemic that does not have a drug or vaccine, can only be prevented by isolation and isolation. Our reasons are clear. When we say this reason, we say the following: People who should have compulsory service are on the field, everyone else is at home. The word "Everyone should declare their quarantine" belongs to our Minister of Health. While making such a clear definition, it is a threat that 2 percent of those who cannot do this constitute a population of approximately 15 million in Istanbul. I am not tired of expressing this, always thank you, but my statements are passing time. Every passing time makes this unnecessary. In that sense, we are experiencing the last days of our proposal, which we consider to be scientifically based and the reasons for which it is sound. Because this contact and contact in the society is increasing day by day. Istanbul should completely close the contact. Istanbul should be completely isolated in their homes for 2,5-2 weeks. We are at a level to overcome this with all the institutions and municipalities of our state. ”


"We have people serving," said İmamoğlu, "For example, we have drivers who drive the subway serving between Kirazlı and Başakehir. Our 9 metro drivers Covit-19 were positive. What did we do? We transferred our friends from different places, our friends who were eligible for that license. Likewise, another subject; I have bus driver friends in IETT. Yesterday, I visited 2 points. I'll give you a number. We have 4 thousand 976 drivers within our IETT. But we allowed people with chronic diseases and people who need protection, not only in IETT, but in all our institutions. Currently, 431 employees are automatically on leave. Those who can work from home contribute to us from home or have paid leave. We have drivers in the field under this threat. After all, if this expansion continues, you intensely push people who fulfill your compulsory service at risk. The most serious risks are the health professionals. If we slow down our spreading speed, you will have the services of our healthcare professionals at a reasonable time. When he intensity decreases, the risks will decrease. ”


İmamoğlu asked the question about how much İBB responds to people in need, “You know what I am interested in right now? I am interested in the issue before I started talking to you. I am interested in 7 thousand applications in 450 days. There are 450 thousand new applications. He says to us; 'I need it, send me food.' There is tremendous economic poverty. We are faced with a tight process management. We are providing social assistance to 230 thousand families. We are also in an effort to evaluate new applications, open registrations and contribute to them quickly. Last week we had a donation amount. Starting from there, we are currently distributing cards to 9 people. Every day, we present 500-2000 parcels to addresses in person. Most of them are carried out with in-kind donations to us. At the same time, we purchased 2500 thousand parcels, which ended yesterday. We are starting to distribute them quickly. We manage logistics on the one hand and financing on the other. On the other hand, we continue to deliver donations directed by our citizens in the same manner based on our legal authority to our citizens. We also took steps to report donations to us to the governorship. It has never been done so far. I said, "Let our state know who donated us." If the Ministry needs to take a measure on this issue, it will either warn us or take measures themselves. I would like to state that steps have been taken in this regard ”.

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