Coronavirus Ramadan Measures Published!

coronavirus ramadan measures published
coronavirus ramadan measures published

He sent a circular by the Ministry of Interior to 81 Provincial Governorships on Ramadan Measures in the Fight against Coronavirus. Due to the new type of Kovid-19 outbreak with the circular, all kinds of events and iftar tents that bring together crowded groups such as iftar and sahur in which the citizens attended in Ramadan this year will not be allowed. During the Ramadan, special orders will be terminated 19 hours before the iftar, as the pita tails that can occur just before the iftar hour and Kovid-2 may increase the risk of epidemics. The traditional services of the Ramadan drummers will be covered by local governments, since their citizens' travel to households will increase the risk of an outbreak. Otherwise, Ramadan drummers will not be allowed to collect tips from individual citizens and their activities will not be allowed.

In the circular sent by the Ministry to the governorates, physical contact, respiration, etc. It was emphasized that the coronavirus epidemic, which can be transmitted very quickly and increase the number of infected people all over the world, is important to ensure social isolation by reducing social mobility and interpersonal contact in order to manage the risk of public health. Otherwise, it has been stated that the spread of the virus will accelerate and increase the number of cases and the need for treatment, thereby increasing the risk of citizens' loss of life and public health and public order.

The coronavirus epidemic; In order to manage the risk it poses in terms of public health and public order, to ensure social isolation, to maintain social distance and to control the rate of its spread, the Ministry of Interior suggests the Ministry of Health and the Science Committee since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Kovid-19) and our President. It was reminded that many measures were implemented in line with the instructions of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Circular; Ramadan, as were all the Islamic world in Turkey, where the observance of orphans, needy and homeless that nurtured, solidarity and the solidarity of the most beautiful form there, while the national and spiritual feelings manifested in intensive meat that is one of the holy month specified. It was stated that the behaviors and activities to be carried out within the framework of the traditional tradition of Ramadan could increase the social mobility that decreases with the measures taken so far within the scope of the fight against Coronavirus, this situation may be a risk in terms of combating the epidemic and public health, therefore, the following measures are needed during the month of Ramadan.

Iftar Tents Will Not Be Allowed, Tomb Visits Will Be Restricted

According to this; All kinds of events and iftar tents that bring together crowded groups such as iftar and sahur, in which citizens participate in collectively, will not be allowed. Especially between iftar and sahur times, it is evaluated that our citizens can go out and ignore the social distance rule, and all necessary measures will be taken in this regard. The closure of the streets that citizens use / can use between iftar and sahur times will be evaluated within this scope. Tomb visits will be restricted during the month of Ramadan.

Local Administrations Could Be Responded To The Services Of Ramadan Drummers

Regarding Ramazan drummers in the circular; It was stated on the issues that Provincial / District Hygiene Boards, especially District Governors, will comply with the local administrators (including municipalities) in line with their decisions. In order to prevent the behavior of Ramadan drummers as a result of the activities of Ramadan drummers as a result of the activities of Ramadan drummers, it will be essential to provide collective local opportunities instead of individual citizens / households in order to avoid behaviors that may cause contamination risk such as visiting houses and ringing the door. Otherwise, Ramadan drummers will not be allowed to collect tips from individual citizens and their activities will not be allowed.

Ramazan Pidesi Sale Will End 2 Hours Before Iftar

Regarding Ramadan pita bread and bread sales; During the Ramadan, in order to prevent the risk of contamination caused by the pita tails and density that may occur just before the iftar hour, the production of pita and bread in the ovens and the special order reception (egg, sesame, additive etc. pita) will be terminated 2 hours before the iftar. Production, sales and other preparation processes will continue in the furnaces after iftar hours.

In order for Ramadan to be spent in an environment of peace and security, each province will evaluate its dynamics and the necessary security measures will be increased throughout the city, taking into account the possible densities during this process.

The Number of Vehicles and Flights Used in Public Transportation Will Be Increased Before At least 3 Hours Iftar Time

By considering the traffic density that may occur before the iftar times, the number of vehicles and trips used in public transportation will be increased by providing the necessary coordination with the municipalities at least 3 hours before the iftar hour.

In addition, before the time of iftar, practices related to ensuring social isolation in public transport / stops, protecting social distance and using masks will be monitored effectively.

Cemetery Visits Will Be Controlled

Entries and exits to the cemeteries will be planned separately so that cemetery visits can be made in a controlled manner. In Arefe Day and Bayram days, fire measurements will be made during cemetery visits, and controls on the social distance rule and the use of masks will be emphasized. During the month of Ramadan, it will be ensured to increase the inspections and take the necessary measures by considering all the elements that may create intensity especially on the streets / streets (mobile sellers, individual events, etc.) and the risk of contamination that may occur.

Considering that the intensity of shopping (food, sweet / vignette sales) may increase before / during the month of Ramadan, inspections regarding the protection of social distance and the use of masks will be increased in all areas where the density may increase, especially in markets and market places.

Ramadan Opportunities Will Increase Controls

With the opportunity of knowing the month of Ramadan and the Feast, audits will be increased for companies / businesses that apply exorbitant prices and necessary judicial / administrative procedures will be carried out immediately.

The Ministry, planning and implementing the necessary health measures by the Provincial Pandemic and Provincial / District Hygiene Boards in order to ensure that the month of Ramadan is healthy, peaceful and safe, is followed by the governors and district governors and law enforcement officers and other officials under their orders. wanted the necessary sensitivity to be shown by ensuring cooperation and coordination with the relevant units.

The necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of Article 282 of the Turkish Criminal Code regarding the behaviors that constitute a crime in accordance with the condition of the violation, especially in cases where the workplace and citizens who do not comply with the decisions are taken, in accordance with the article 195 of the General Sanitary Law, in accordance with the condition of the violation.

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