Buses and Trams Are Regularly Disinfected in Antalya

disinfected to public transportation vehicles in Antalya
disinfected to public transportation vehicles in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality disinfects the public transportation vehicles against the coronavirus every day. A team of 170 people carry out detailed cleaning work on transportation vehicles. Free public transport of masks to citizens continues in public transportation vehicles where hand disinfectants are placed.

Metropolitan Municipality regularly cleans all buses and trams providing public transportation services in Antalya and disinfects them against bacteria and viruses. Transportation vehicles are subjected to detailed disinfection processes with the cold ULV (Fine Spraying) machine as well as internal-external cleaning works.


The 170-person team, trained in biocidal product practitioners, works in line with occupational health and safety standards. The buses and trams, which have been subjected to internal and external cleaning and disinfection processes by the teams, then go on their flights to be offered to the citizens. The teams also regularly go through the cleaning and hygiene procedures of bus and tram stops used in the city. Metropolitan Municipality also provides free masks to citizens in public transportation as a requirement of wearing a mask. Citizens without masks can obtain masks from vehicles. Hand sanitizers were also placed in all public transportation vehicles. Citizens can disinfect their hands in vehicles.


Stating that they have taken the necessary precautions as a municipality in order to protect public health and prevent the spread of the epidemic, Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek said, “Public transportation vehicles in Antalya are disinfected by our special clothing disinfection teams with chemicals approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition, all public transportation vehicles with official and private plates have hand disinfectants. Since unmasked travel is prohibited for public health, we also provide free masks to our citizens in public transportation. We will continue to apply the precautions and cleaning procedures that contribute to the safe and healthy execution of public transportation with the same diligence. ”

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