Beltur Hospitals are at the Service of Healthcare Professionals

beltur at the service of healthcare professionals
beltur at the service of healthcare professionals

Closing its branches within the scope of the global coronavirus epidemic, BELTUR AŞ continues to serve healthcare professionals and patient relatives with its branches in hospitals.

The coronavirus epidemic, which started in Wuhan, China, affected the world in a short time. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), began to take rapid measures by detecting the first cases in the Covidien-11 in Turkey on March 19. On 16 March, Beltur closed all its restaurants and cafes upon the order of İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu. İBB Subsidiary stopped service in historical places such as Beltur, Hıdiv Pavilion, Maltese Mansion, public restaurants, metrobus stops and Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station.


Beltur continues its service in hospitals in order to meet the food needs of healthcare professionals and patient relatives struggling with the global epidemic with great devotion. It provides services in 78 hospitals, with its nearly 500 personnel, within working hours in normal services and 7/24 in emergency services. Beltur branches, which continue to serve in hospitals, are periodically disinfected by IMM teams, the personnel providing services wear masks and gloves until they work and leave the hospital, meticulously apply social distance, and provide service to healthcare professionals in a hygienic environment.


In addition to squeezing orange juice, tea and coffee, Beltur has a rich product range from hot soups to many types of food in its hospitals. Beltur will continue its service that it continues without compromising the hygienic rules by meeting additional demands from hospital administrations for all Istanbul people who are treated and working in hospitals, especially healthcare professionals.


Beltur, the historical buildings that closed on March 16, such as the historic mansions Hıdiv Pavilion, Malta Mansion, Tent Pavilion, Yellow Pavilion, White Pavilion and Galata Tower are checked daily and precautions are taken to prevent destruction.



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