President Soyer Thanks For The Healthcare Professionals

president soyer thanks on behalf of healthcare professionals
president soyer thanks on behalf of healthcare professionals

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer thanked the sewing instructors who made medical masks for healthcare workers by going to the Occupational Factory, and pastry and cookery instructors producing snack food.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer visited the employees and volunteers of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Factory, which produces medical masks and snack food for health personnel working at risk due to the coronavirus outbreak. “You are doing a very good job,” said the trainers who make donuts and cookies for healthcare workers who work longer hours. "You are increasing the motivation of our healthcare workers," said Soyer, adding to the sewing instructors who produce about two thousand masks a day, "Health in your hands and labor."

15 thousand masks were produced

An average of two thousand medical masks are produced per day at the Vocational Factory of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. To date, 15 thousand masks have been distributed to family health centers and municipal institutions in the province. In addition to the medical mask, snack food such as pies, pastries and cookies are produced and distributed to hospitals in addition to the medical mask.



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