Important Statement From Minister Selçuk About Intensive Care Treatment Fees

minister selcuktan intensive care treatment fee remarks
minister selcuktan intensive care treatment fee remarks

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that the intensive care treatment fees covered by the SUT arrangement were doubled.

Minister Selçuk announced that many improvements were made within the scope of the new Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT) published in the Official Gazette and new coronavirus measures.

“For Every Patient Diagnosed With Coronavirus, We Will Pay 660 Liras To The Hospital Daily”

Minister Selçuk, who made evaluations about the new regulation, said: “In this process, we have included reimbursement care services that create high costs for preventive and contamination for the professionals providing healthcare services for each of our inpatients. We will also pay 660 lira per day to our hospitals that serve for each patient diagnosed with new coronavirus. Thus, we will give special support to our hospitals for the treatment of our patients diagnosed with coronavirus. ” said.

“We Put The Medicine Used In Coronavirus Treatment In The Reimbursement List”

Minister Selçuk said, “We have doubled the intensive care treatment fees that we covered by placing intensive care services on the reimbursement list. We also included the drug used in the treatment of coronavirus in our intensive care conditions to our reimbursement list. ” used expressions.

“We Will Cover the Cost of Immune Plasma Therapy”

Stating that they include the care services to be invoiced together with the health services provided by the healthcare providers, Minister Selçuk said, “The World Health Organization pointed out that immune plasma treatment is one of the most recommended potential treatments in the statement published against the epidemic. Emphasis was placed on the necessity of advances in this area, creating favorable conditions for the collection of immune plasma or serum. In this regard, we will cover the costs of using antibodies from the serum of our healing citizens in our country and using them in our patients diagnosed with coronavirus. ” made the evaluation.



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