Hand Disinfectant from Antalya Metropolitan to Stations

from Antalya big city to the stops hand disinfectant
from Antalya big city to the stops hand disinfectant

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to take measures to protect public health against coronavirus and epidemics. In this context, he placed hand sanitizers on public transport stops.

Metropolitan Municipality conducts hygienic expeditions across the city to minimize the effects of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), which is also seen in our country. Cleaning work for public transport and stops is also ongoing. In the Square Storage Area, disinfection is carried out before the transportation vehicles depart. Buses are cleaned from top to bottom, free from both viruses and germs.


In the detailed cleaning, every point is cleaned, inside, outside, windows, driver's cabin, handles, passenger seat handles, floors, ceiling, outer roof and bottom corner cleaning. Within the scope of the measures taken, free mask distribution to citizens who will use public transportation continues. People trying to get on unmasked buses and trams are given a mask by drivers and security guards. On the first day of the week, the Metropolitan Municipality distributed 9 thousand free masks on buses and 2 thousand on trams.


Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Rail Systems Department installed disinfectants at the bus station and intensive public transportation stops, in order to allow passengers to travel more safely to protect citizens against epidemic diseases, especially coronavirus.

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