Ankara Gets New Ways In The 4-Day Curfew

asphalt shifts in daily ban on street in Ankara
asphalt shifts in daily ban on street in Ankara

Within the scope of the coronavirus outbreak, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has worked 4/7 on the curfew in the 24-day curfew announced in the Capital. The Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, which carried out asphalt work in many points of the city from Atatürk Boulevard to Sanatorium Street, from Sincan Atatürk Street to Dikmen Street, brought the asphalt roads to more than 4 thousand tons in 22 days.

After the 4-day curfew, the citizens of the capital met the asphalt surprise of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Due to the empty streets and streets, Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, working 7/24 in many points of the city, carried out more than 4 thousand tons of asphalt casting in 22 days.


Completing most of the maintenance and repair operations of the roads across the capital, the Department of Science Affairs has spent intensive overtime work for more than 4 thousand tons of asphalt work in 22 days.

Asphalt renewal and laying process at 22 different points between 26-30 April are as follows:

_Altındağ Doğantepe Mahallesi, Şehit Ömer Halis Demir Boulevard, Talatpaşa Boulevard, Karpuzlu Caddesi, Etlik Caddesi and Altınay Caddesi: Total 1.437.100,

-Cankaya Ataturk Boulevard, Suleyman Sirri Street, Dumlupinar Boulevard, Ataturk Boulevard, Cinnah Street, Cankaya Street, Qatar Street, Faculty of Medicine Street, Ziya Gokalp Street, Dikmen Street, 931. Street, Ataturk Boulevard, Kolej Junction, Dögol Street, Iran Street , Aksu Street, 2178. Street, 3267. Street, Simon Bolivar Street: Total 5.311.450,

-Etimesgut İstasyon Caddesi and Etiler Caddesi: Total 855.300,

-Gölbaşı Eymir Mahallesi: Total 146.300,

-Keçiören Halil Sezai Erkut Street, Gaza Street, Selçuklu Street, Ömer Halis Demir Boulevard, Bağlum Boulevard, Atatürk Street, Fatih Street, Kalbur Street, Sanatorium Street: 24 points in total: 1.271.000,

-Mamak School of Medicine Street, Mamak Street, Bostancık Street, Çağlayan District, Kutludüzü District, 1768. Street, Evren Street, Atatürk Street: Total 4.280.950,

-Sincan Atatürk Street, Ankara Street, Vatan Street: Total 302.500,

13 points in Yenimahalle İvedik Avenue, Özlem Avenue, Bağdat Avenue, Celal Bayar Boulevard and Çiftlik Junction: Total 8.452.200 tons

Metropolitan Municipality, which both visually enhances Başkent and provides new ways to ensure driver safety, will continue its asphalt works without interruption.

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