Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard Expanded as 4 Departures and 4 Arrivals

alparslan turkes boulevard asphalted
alparslan turkes boulevard asphalted

📩 27/04/2020 15:48

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality asphalted from Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard within the scope of change, transformation and renewal works.

Increasing its work in the field during the 4-day curfew, the Metropolitan Municipality is doing its road works faster with the decrease in traffic circulation.

Road works have been completed in Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard, whose infrastructure has been renewed. Pavement, lighting and landscaping works will be carried out on the boulevard where intersection arrangements are made. The 25 km long Sivas connection road opened by the Metropolitan Municipality with a width of 4.7 meters starts from Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard.

Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan made examinations in Alparslan Türkes Boulevard, where asphalt works were completed. Speaking about the works, Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan said that Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard will be opened to traffic very soon.

Stating that Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard was expanded and gained a true boulevard identity, Mayor Gürkan said, “After the expansion works on our boulevard, our road was built as 4 departures and 4 arrivals. Intersection arrangements were made. Curtain wall works, sidewalk, lighting works will be done. Asphalt works have been completed. While there was a curfew, that is, there was no traffic, the completion of these works enabled things to finish faster. I would like to thank my colleagues who contributed. ”

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