Where is it forbidden to walk without a mask?

Where to go without a mask is forbidden
Where to go without a mask is forbidden

While the corona virus epidemic, which affects the world, continues to increase its impact day by day, new measures continue to be taken within the scope of combating the epidemic. Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the subject, "Turkey continues to resolutely combat the epidemic coronavirus," he said.

Erdogan, in his speech explained the measures taken against the new type of coronavirus outbreak, the world's most developed countries, even very serious confusion experienced by these processes in Turkey, both the preparation and the material exhibits stand firm on both the intervention, he said.

Noting that they have started a new application for citizens who have to go out, Erdogan continued: “As of April 4, Saturday, everyone will be required to wear masks in all areas where people such as markets and markets are located. Similar measures will be taken at workplaces where people continue to work collectively. In addition to all these, Turkey will continue to take the measures needed to reduce the human mobility in general. Additional measures to reduce human mobility in all of our cities will be able to be taken and implemented by Provincial Pandemic and Provincial Hygiene Boards from tomorrow. It will never be able to coexist in all public places, including the streets, in a crowded manner, and social distance will be obeyed in at least 3 steps. Administrative and judicial penalties will be applied without hesitation to those who insist on not acting in line with the warnings. ” said.

Will those who do not wear a mask take a penalty?

For those who do not wear a mask, a judicial process will be initiated and a criminal procedure will be applied. There is no clear explanation for how much the sentence will be at the moment.

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