Employees in Agriculture, Livestock and Food Sector Will be Exempt from Curfew

Bekir Pakdirli Street Curfew
Bekir Pakdirli Street Curfew

If the results of the meeting made with Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli about the measures to be taken before the curfew with Minister of Internal Affairs Süleyman Soylu, Minister Pakdemirli decided to exempt the curfew from those who engage in agricultural and livestock activities.

According to the Public Relations and Press Counselor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Minister Pakdemirli decided to exempt the employees and food sector workers from the curfew in order to avoid any problems in the food supply or agriculture and livestock sector.

Minister Pakdemirli said the following for the sector personnel to be exempted:

“Those working in the units of the groups with short shelf life and deteriorating fast (Meat, Fish, fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy products) and those working in the flour and pasta sector will be able to continue their weekend production.

In order to avoid problems in the retail sector, after 18.00:XNUMX on Sunday evening, the warehouses and warehouses of the markets, and the goods acceptance units will be open. Those who work here will not have any trouble getting to their workplaces.

Similarly to last week, our veterinarians will be out of the scope of the two-day curfew, which will be implemented over the weekend. In the provinces and districts, in our villages, they will not have a problem in accessing our producers and feeders.

Clinic, polyclinic, hospitals and private institutions that provide veterinary services and employees of our veterinarians will be able to continue to provide services at the weekend.

Another part of the curfew that will be applied on the weekend will be within the scope of the circular and exceptional. Our farmers in the production of Agriculture and Livestock. These citizens will be able to continue their production without disruption.

Similarly, the coordination of our Seasonal Workers has been given to our provincial governors. Hygiene and health importance are followed by the provincial and district pandemic boards. We continue to take measures for housing and other needs. ”

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