Thermal Camera Period in Izmir! First Application Started at Konak Metro Station

Thermal camera period started in Izmir Metro
Thermal camera period started in Izmir Metro

Within the scope of the new coronavirus outbreak measures, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality installed the first thermal camera system in Konak metro station. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “Thus, we will both have a high fever and protect our healthy citizens. We are starting this at 20 points. ”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality launched a thermal camera application to reduce the spread rate of the new type of coronavirus epidemic. The first thermal camera system was installed in Konak station, where the most passengers pass through the metro. Thanks to the thermal cameras that will take place in 20 locations where there is intense human movement such as vegetable fruit market, bus station, food bazaar, shippers site, the fever of citizens can be measured instantly and quickly. Citizens with a body temperature of 38 and above will be directed to health institutions.

Will Be in Crowded Areas

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “We need to control the spread of this virus more seriously. At the entrances of our municipal buildings, we were checking our citizens with fire meters. We will detect high fever with thermal cameras in such public transportation points, transfer areas, vegetable fruit and seafood, and in places where there is intense citizen movement such as shippers and food bazaar. Thus, we will protect both our febrile citizens and healthy citizens. We start this at 20 points. We will continue to carry this system to all the places that need it. ”

Fever of more than 30 people can be measured

Thanks to the thermal camera, the fever of more than 30 people can be measured simultaneously. Citizens with a fever of 38 or more are recommended to go to the nearest health institution immediately. If necessary, the number 112 and 184 phones are called and the person is reached to the hospital.

Passengers Satisfied

Passengers are also satisfied with the thermal camera application. Yusuf Yüceoğlu said, “The first diagnosis in coronavirus is very important. Our mayor thought something very nice. We go out because we have to go to work. I use this station every day. ”

  • Nilüfer Gürkan said, “It is a very good practice. We don't measure our fire. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is doing what we neglected. ”
  • Yelda Özberk said, “I am a pharmacist. It is very important that precautions are taken here, just like in hospitals. As I saw that these measures were taken, I get on the metro instead of coming with my own car. ”
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