More Incentive Suggestions for High-Tech Investments in OIZs

Proposal for more incentives for high technology investments in OIZs
Proposal for more incentives for high technology investments in OIZs

Nadir Küpeli, Chairman of the Board of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, stated that SMEs are the companies that suffered the most from this period and stated that the definition of SMEs should be updated. Stating that high technology investments to be made in earned OIZs should be encouraged with additional supports during this period, he emphasized that it is important for our industry to include all sectors within the scope of force majeure.

New Update Needed in SME Definition

Stating that the most and the most negatively affected sector is the process that passes through SME companies, Eskişehir OIZ President Nadir Küpeli made new arrangements in terms of turnover in the business definitions, provided that the number of employees in the Regulation on the Definition, Qualifications and Classification of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) remains the same. stated that it should. President Küpeli said, “In the SME Regulation, the annual net sales revenue or financial balance sheet in the definition of micro-enterprise company is from 3 million TL to 5 million TL, the small business figure is from 25 million TL to 40 million TL and the number of medium-sized enterprises is 125. It should be increased from 200 million TL to XNUMX million TL. Thus, many more SMEs have the opportunity to benefit from state supports and they can breathe a little. We have businesses that cannot benefit from supports because they are within these limits. With the realization of the regulation, more of our companies benefit from KOSGEB supports. Making this arrangement will contribute to our industry. ”

High Technology Investments Need to Be Encouraged More

Küpeli said that we entered a period in which investment and investors should be protected especially in some sectors during this epidemic period: “We are going towards a period in which uncertainty in the economy is growing day by day, in such a period, it will encourage new investments in some sectors that are important for the future of our country and In this field, new regulations should be made in the Investment Incentive legislation to ensure that investments that will highlight our country in the world are made more. In this context, according to the NACE Code, high technology sectors such as aviation, medicine, health, defense industry, white goods, automotive, rail systems, robotics, informatics, automation, medium-high technology sectors and investments in certain sub-branches selected only in the food industry and OIZs. VAT + 90 point support for machinery purchases, which was applied in 10s and which has a very successful effect, should be brought back to all new investments. In addition, provided that they provide and protect more than a certain number of new investments in OIZs in these specified sectors, it should be ensured that the energy consumption costs such as electricity and natural gas in the operating period are met by the government for certain periods according to the importance of the sector. We need to increase our industrialists' willingness to invest. The more new industrial investments are made, the quicker we will overcome this crisis and we will cure unemployment. In this period, the VAT receivables of the investing firms should be paid in cash to the firms much faster, the procedures related to this should be simplified or the clearing procedures should be completed much faster according to the firm's preference. ”

All Sectors Must Be Covered By Force Majeure

President Küpeli said that after coranavirus pandemics occurred afterwards, he first covered some sectors by considering that he was seriously affected by this epidemic, “However, as it is seen, the effect of the epidemic has already been out of affecting only some sectors in business life. It is seriously affected, so our most important expectation from our state is that we want all sectors to be covered by force majeure. We expect all government-provided supports to be applied equally to all sectors, without sectoral discrimination. Application lags will cause irreversible damages and operating losses in some sectors with each passing day. We believe that our government, as before, will take all necessary steps in this regard and will include all sectors within the scope of force majeure ”.

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