Editing Intersection Connections in Novices

Organizing Kavsak Contacts in Novices
Organizing Kavsak Contacts in Novices

In order to reduce the load of the Acemler Junction, where the average daily vehicle pass in Bursa is even more than the Istanbul July 15 Martyrs Bridge, 2 lanes were added to the ring road connecting arm, while Zübeyde Hanım and Oulu Avenue junction connections were also reorganized.

Continuing works such as road widening and new roads, promotion of public transportation and rail system signalization optimization in order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to reduce the burden of Acemler, which is one of the node points of the city traffic.

Within the scope of the studies, in order to increase the capacity of the return arm from the İzmir road to the Ring Road, which could not meet the current vehicle demand at the Acemler junction, two lanes with a length of 240 meters were added to the return arm. Thus, while the Peripheral connection arm of the junction was removed on 3 lanes, a two-armed signaling facility was installed at the connection point of the bridge.

In addition, the road in the direction of landing on the Acemler bridge of Zübeyde Hanım Avenue was opened to 170 lanes by opening an additional 3 meters long lane, and the connection road of Oulu Avenue to Zübeyde Hanım Avenue was also reorganized. In order to relieve the signalized intersection on his return from Zübeyde Hanım Street to Hat Street, an additional 140 meters long lane was opened to this point and the junction section was removed to three lanes. Border, pavement and asphalt works at all these points were completed and put into service.

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