New Decisions on Freight Transport in International Trade were Taken

New decisions have been taken on international transport in international trade
New decisions have been taken on international transport in international trade

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) symptom carry the Turkish driver of the Iran-Iraq border except for entry and exit from the door, all kinds of entry into Turkey health measures taken, provided 14-day quarantine period without waiting again abroad to output can be be allowed She reported.

Minister Pekcan, in his written statement, announced new decisions on freight transport in international trade. Stating that important measures were taken at the customs gates in coordination with the Ministries of Health and Interior for the Kovid-19 pandemic, which has influenced the whole world as the Ministry of Commerce, Pekcan stated that the necessary studies have been carried out to ensure the continued and efficient capacity of foreign trade.

Pekcan stated that many important arrangements have been made within the scope of international freight transportation, in addition to taking into consideration the stage reached in the fight against Kovid-19, the Interior, Health, Transport and Infrastructure and Foreign Affairs in order to ensure that the export shipments are not adversely affected, the supply chain is not damaged and the transportation sector can operate effectively. He noted that another important step was taken in coordination with their ministries.

draws attention to the importance of the decisions taken Pekcan, "under international commercial shipping, except for entry and exit from Iraq and Iran border, the Turkish driver of their arrival in Turkey, the Ministry of Health to detect any symptoms of Kovid-19 after examination units, and each they will be allowed to go abroad again without waiting for the 14-day quarantine period, provided that all kinds of health measures are taken. ” found the assessment.

No Foreign Drivers with Symptoms of Kovid-19

Pekcan emphasized that Turkish drivers who will not leave the country should complete the 14-day quarantine period in their homes, as in the previous practice, said:

“The 72-hour rule was introduced to foreign drivers who did not detect any symptoms related to the disease in health checks. Foreign vehicle driver of, after health checks to detect any symptoms and any health measures to comply with the condition that Turkey logins if they committed them to exit again from our country within 72 hours following the 14-day quarantine period allowed the entry into the country to leave the load being applied . Vehicles entering our country will still be subjected to disinfection, and all necessary health and safety measures will be taken by the relevant governorships or district governorships for Turkish and foreign drivers. Foreign drivers with Kovid-19 symptoms will not be allowed to enter the country, and Turkish drivers will be quarantined / treated by reporting to the relevant health departments. ”

Some vehicles of the driver's input with separate importance pointing Pekcan, "Turkey in terms of urgency that drugs, medical supplies and foodstuffs priority will be given to the entry of vehicles carrying." shared his knowledge.

Pekcan, devotedly to Kovid-19 struggling with health professionals, Turkey's security, the provision of social needs, a great sacrifice to ensure the sustainability of the supply chain 7/24 also thanked the customs staff and transporters.

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