Measures Taken Within the Scope of 2-Day Curfew in Mersin

Measures were taken within the scope of the curfew in Mersin daily
Measures were taken within the scope of the curfew in Mersin daily

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer stated that during the 2-day curfew, the Crisis Center in the Metropolitan Municipality will continue to serve with 50 employees, and will meet the needs of citizens, especially food, medicine, diapers and baby food, immediately.

“Timing is extremely wrong”

Criticizing the curfew being announced late, President Seçer said, “The curfew is a late decision. I think the time to take the decision or the time to make it public is wrong. It is true, the curfew on the weekend is appropriate. However, if they announced this to the public during the day, people would also take their precautions. They would acquire basic essential items for 2 days. Now we would not see the rush we see in the streets and markets. We say that we do not go out on the streets so that people do not infect each other, but we destroy the gains that we will achieve after 2 days of measure. So the timing is extremely wrong. If this decision was announced during the day, we would not have encountered this congestion. This decision was made to prevent people from touching each other, but people were brought together due to timing. There is a saying like, 'Let's do eyebrows, don't take an eye out'. This incident tells exactly this situation. ”

Emphasizing the need to look after this, even though the decision is wrong, President Seçer said, “Our citizens should not worry. We will take the necessary precautions for our citizens to spend these 2 days in peace and not to be a victim, as the administration, the metropolitan municipality and the district municipalities. ”

Crisis Center will work

Stating that 50 personnel work 24 hours in the Crisis Center they created due to the epidemic, Seçer emphasized that the Crisis Center will work throughout the ban with the same capacity and understanding. Seçer said, “Food aid, people over 65 are demanding medicine, and poor families are seeking food and diapers. All of these are met by our municipality. We were meeting these demands before curfew. We will continue to work. Crisis Center will continue its activities. We fulfill urgent demands on matters that are essential. Our citizens should calm down. Nobody gets hungry, not exposed. In case of any disease, we do not have a problem with the need for medication. We will keep our Crisis Center open. The Crisis Center received more than 40 thousand calls. We distributed 8 thousand boxes. Hot food was distributed to 50 thousand people. Medicines of the elderly were delivered. These will continue. ”

Mayor Seçer stated that the Metropolitan's MER-EK Public Bread Factory will continue to operate for 2 days and bread supplies will be provided to the citizens from the buffets.

City buses will serve only for healthcare professionals and public personnel

During the 2-day curfew, public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality will serve only for public servants and healthcare workers who are obliged to work.

Public personnel and healthcare professionals who are obliged to work will be able to get information about line numbers and timetable from the Call Center's 444 2 153 telephone line and WhatsApp line 0533 155 2 153.



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