Maps that Make Life Easier at ANKARAY Stations

Maps that make life easier at ankaray stations
Maps that make life easier at ankaray stations

EGO General Directorate continues to make life easier for citizens who use public transportation in Başkent. Environmental plan maps placed in ANKARAY Stations; It shows the addresses and transportation routes of important points such as hospitals, schools, universities and public buildings closest to the station.

ANKARAY Operation Branch Directorate, which is affiliated to EGO General Directorate Rail Systems Department, has signed a new study that will make it easier for citizens to reach their destination from the station.

'ANKARAY Station Environment Plan' maps showing important points in the environment were placed in 11 ANKARAY Stations serving between Dikimevi and AŞTİ.


Ankara residents, who use 4 environmental plan maps at each station, will be able to easily find areas such as hospitals, schools, universities and public buildings from important points around the station.

Maps, which also show the points where transportation services such as suburban stations and train stations are provided, will also allow passengers coming to Ankara from other cities or countries to reach their destination faster than the street and street names in their arrival stations.

Citizens who examine the environmental plan will both be able to see which exit door is closer to the station they will go to, and by evacuating the station in a short time, it will prevent crowds.


Stating that the prepared environmental plan maps will end the confusion from the station, ANKARAY Operations Manager Onur Özcan gave the following information about the study:

“We placed a total of 44 station environmental plans at the exit points of each station. Our goal is to make our passengers more easily evacuated from our stations. In particular, we want our domestic or foreign passengers not to experience any directional confusion at the station exits, and we want them to reach their destination faster when they go out. ”

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