Economic Impact of Pandemic Kovid-19 in Turkey

turkiyede the economic repercussions of the epidemic Kovid
turkiyede the economic repercussions of the epidemic Kovid

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that the reasoned decision of the Ad Board regarding the ones applying unfair price increase in the products whose demand increased during the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic will be published together with the company names on the Ministry's website today.

Noting that the Kovid-19 epidemic, which affects economic life as well as human life, has changed the routines and consumption habits, Pekcan emphasized that the effects of the virus can be fully seen when the epidemic is controlled.

Pekcan, pointing to a downward revision in growth figures made of international organizations, "All the time we see them, as Turkey, we started really well this year. In January-February, China's exports fell by 17 percent, Norway by 12 percent and Brazil by 9 percent, while our exports from January to February increased by 4,3 percent. ” he spoke.

Cessation of orders from Europe with the closure of border crossings, indicating that Iran and Iraq affect Turkey's exports Pekcan, said:

“We see that our exports to Iran decreased by 82 percent in March. The fall in exports to Iraq was at 55-60 percent, this was 48 percent with the non-contact trade measures we took. While the trade with driver, trailer, and container exchange was 200-300 trucks per day, we have now reached 1000s, but we need to reach the 1700s. There is a decrease of 40 percent to Spain and Italy, 32,5 percent to France, 14 percent to Germany, 19 percent to China and 12 percent to England. In light of all this, we will see some decline in our exports this month, but it will be below 20 percent, and we expect a drop of around 17 percent. We will announce the exact figures tomorrow, but we will recover this as soon as possible with contactless trading. ”

G-20 Trade and Investment Ministers Meeting

Minister Pekcan stated that the effects of Kovid-20 on the economy were discussed at the G-19 Trade and Investment Ministers Meeting held in the previous days.

Explaining that they stated that protectionism policies should be abandoned at the meeting, Pekcan said:

“We have always stated that we favor fair and free trade, we also said that we believe in the multilateral trade system, we shared our opinions in this direction. The same views were shared in general. In addition, due to the situation we are in, countries have taken some commercial measures. At the very least, a joint decision was made to ensure that these were short-term and transparent, not too harsh, and that the rules of the World Trade Organization were followed as much as possible. Two months technical groups will work, and two months later, G-20 Trade and Investment Ministers Meeting will be held again. Moreover, as Turkey, especially the pandemic of migrants and landmarks, from the land of the people who have been adversely affected, we underline that it should be evaluated. "

Pekcan, said at the meeting, Turkey's "trade gap" that describes the solution, he said he saw it very interesting.

Pekcan stated that they did not give up trading when the border gates were closed and that they continued to export and import with the "contactless foreign trade" method, and said that they overcame problems with driver, trailer and container exchange in areas where buffer zones are located.

Noting that they have developed the railway solution in trade with Iran, where the buffer zone is not available, Pekcan said, “At the same time, a train with 40 wagons is running on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, and we can take it to two trains. I invite our manufacturers and exporters to use our railway facilities. Similarly, we have a railway line from Kapıkule to Europe. Here, we are able to increase the output of 35 thousand 800 wagons to 50 thousand wagons per year. ”

Opportunistic Firms Will Be Placed

Minister Pekcan reminded that the inspections regarding the products and companies that are subject to exorbitant prices have been continuing recently and that they have fined administrative fines by the Advertising Board to the companies they have determined before, and said:

“On 2 of this month, the reasoned decision of the Ad Board regarding these will be published on our website together with the company names. The defense and the legal process of 6 thousand 558 companies will be evaluated at the Ad Board meeting on April 14. We also share all the results here with the General Directorate of Security, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and MASAK. We are a mask manufacturer and exporter country. We will punish those who sell goods at exorbitant prices. As the Ministry, we have attached the export of our healthcare workers and citizens to the pre-permission of the Ministry of Health so that the need for masks and medical equipment are supplied. However, we should not block our export companies that do not cause trouble to supply to the Ministry of Health and do not impose exorbitant prices, and offer them to the Ministry and the public transportation at a reasonable price, because these players will be permanent in these markets and I hope that these companies will be separate from each other. necessary."

noting that there is a downward departure in increasing prices to the measures taken attracted Pekcan, "Turkey is a country exporting about, thank goodness food exports a country that is more than them we have to evaluation in this way, but we are doing what is necessary." used the expression.

Minister Pekcan pointed out that there is no problem in e-commerce and cargo delivery, and said that there is no delay due to the measures taken in the services provided by the Ministry.

We Have Scholarship Opportunities For Some Departments At The University

Answering a question regarding the Virtual Trade Academy, Pekcan emphasized that they have created an academy capable of serving every citizen.

Noting that there are information and trainings on everything from domestic trade to company establishment, foreign trade to entrepreneurship, Pekcan said:

“I think that our students and business people who are at home will benefit a lot from here. In the meantime, universities have prepared our young people, we provide our students the opportunity to be successful in some sectors of Turkey Ministry via the TIM. This textile, ready-to-wear, close to 1 million pounds last year, we have provided scholarships, this year we have a 1 million pounds scholarship to be applied to mining, metal and metallurgy engineers. We not only provide internship opportunities to our friends who will choose departments related to leather products, but also our colleagues who are successful in their internships have job opportunities. ”

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