Istanbul Başakşehir City Hospital Opened

basaksehir city hospital opened
basaksehir city hospital opened

With the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with video conference, Istanbul Başakşehir City Hospital commissioning and local respiratory equipment delivery ceremony was held. At the ceremony, the Minister of Health. Fahrettin Koca made a speech.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Koca said, “The hospital has a 145 thousand square meter sitting area. The total closed area is 1 million 21 thousand square meters. Our hospital has many logistics places and 304 thousand square meters of medical area. There are a total of 725 examination rooms and 2 patient beds. These patient beds are beds that can be converted into intensive care standards, if desired. ”

Saying that there are 28 maternity rooms, 90 operating rooms, 16-bed burn unit, newborn and adult beds in total, 426 intensive care beds are available in the hospital, Koca stated that 50% energy needs were met in the hospital and rainwater was stored and used in landscape irrigation.

“Security Control is Performed with 3 thousand 466 Cameras”

Stating that the hospital is equipped with a smart building system with full automation feature, Koca said, “The campus is built with energy and environmentally friendly designs that include bicycle paths, parking areas, hybrid vehicle charging units, and a green building certificate. When we commission Sancaktepe City Hospital after Başakşehir City Hospital, our Istanbul, which is one of the world's leading cities with its strategic location at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, will be the world's leading city in terms of health infrastructure, together with our hospitals on both sides. ”

Koca stated that security control will be carried out on the campus with 3 466 Full HD and night vision cameras.

Minister Koca explained that there are both child and adult and maternity emergency services within a total of 30 thousand square meters at the entrance of the pediatric emergency department and that Başakşehir City Hospital contains 8 different branch hospitals. Koca said that these hospitals consist of general hospital, children's hospital, orthopedic hospital, neurology hospital, maternity hospital, KVC hospital, oncology hospital, physical therapy and rehabilitation hospital, and psychiatric hospitals.

Emphasizing that the hospital will be the hospital with the highest intensive care capacity in Europe on a single campus when it is put into service, Koca also pointed out that the building is the largest building in a single block where 2 earthquake isolators are used.

Koca, stating that Başakşehir City Hospital will be fully operational in mid-May, said, “Today, we have taken the inpatient services of maternity and children's hospitals, for now, we will use these sections as pandemic hospitals. "It was planned not to be a patient examination directly, but to hospitalize our patients who were decided to be hospitalized throughout the city by transferring them through 112".

Informing that there are two conference rooms in the hospital, Koca emphasized that the conference rooms are the most needed areas after the library since these hospitals are also in cooperation with the university.

“Every Patient Room Has the Capability to Be Transformed into Intensive Care”

Underlining that every patient room of Başakşehir City Hospital can be converted into intensive care with the necessary equipment, as in other city hospitals, Koca said, “Tomography, tomography and x-ray devices are ready in the ultrasound emergency imaging center. The hospital is equipped with the most advanced medical imaging devices. There are 7 tomography and 7 MR devices in total. There are 24 ultrasound devices with echocardiography. In particular, PET-CT and SPECT / CT devices, which we use for cancer diagnosis, are also planned in total 4. When the hospital was fully engaged, it was planned in such a way as to provide the most advanced devices in both diagnosis and treatment. ”

Introducing the Central Help Desk unit, Koca stated that the help desk was created because the campus hosted a large number of hospitals and had a high capacity, so that a special organization was needed to solve the problems of the patients.

Stating that sterilization was established in three separate blocks in a closed area of ​​approximately 5 thousand square meters in total, Koca said, “Approximately 150 personnel serve in the central sterilization unit. The whole process is equipped with modern devices and systems, especially we can follow every process digitally. ”

“60 Bed Emergency Service”

Stating that the emergency laboratory will serve as a pandemic hospital at the moment, Koca said, “The laboratory established in the pandemic process has been planned at a level that can perform the necessary tests and tests. In addition, blood transfusion center equipment for immune plasma, which is important for us during this period, has been completed. Blood products can be prepared 7/24. I also want to say that it has the infrastructure to produce immune plasma for the patients with Kovitis. ”

Referring to the number of emergency beds, Minister Koca said, “We have about 60 beds in this sense, our urgent observation, intervention and surveillance beds.”

“155 Intensive Care Beds Will Be In Operation”

Saying, “We have put 450 of 155 intensive care beds into service at the moment,” Koca said that 155 ventilators were placed in each intensive care room and started to operate. Minister Koca also stated that every intensive care room has negative pressure.

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