İSPARK Inside: We Work at Great Risk

Ispark workers are working at great risk
Ispark workers are working at great risk

Reaching the Bosses' Nape Network, the ISPARK worker shared the risks and concerns of his friends and his work environment. The transferred ones also include the demands of ISPARK workers during the outbreak:

We make direct contact with tens of people, we are in contact with tens of people's money and cards. We have indirect contact with hundreds of people, especially if we consider the circulation of money. Although we are at high risk, we are not sent home. Paid-administrative leave is not even on the municipal agenda. Our huts were not disinfected. Nowadays when social distance is important, we can stay in a cottage with two or three people.

They also sent protective products such as masks, gloves and disinfectants too late and too little. In addition, there are some of the ISPARK workers who have coronavirus. They no longer give us information so that we cannot be afraid and make a sound. But there are already sick people in every affiliate company in the Istanbul Metropolitan municipality.

Despite the epidemic, our working times have not been reduced. Parking spaces on the street were closed at first, now reopened. This situation increased the density.

Going to the chef's cabin to give the end of the day. It is focused collectively here. This is where the most social distances are violated. They need to find a solution to this.

There is a Hizmet-İş union affiliated to Hak-İş organized at İSPARK. So far, the union has not had any significant steps towards these problems.

In this context, we have a demand for paid-administrative leave. Parking workers also want to stay at home.

Günceleme: 07/04/2020 15:12

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