The Curfew Response From Imamoglu: I Hope It Will Not Pay Much For A Few Hours!

I hope the reaction from imamogl to the street will not be heavy.
I hope the reaction from imamogl to the street will not be heavy.

📩 15/04/2020 12:08

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluparticipated in the live broadcast program of journalist Özlem Gürses on Halk TV. When asked by Gürses why there was no curfew in Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “Our President has declared a 2-day curfew for the next weekend. I think the wrong continues. There are both scientific and medical approaches that it is not useful. It's just like breathing a little. If the process continues to be contagious, the intensities are showing it at the moment, unfortunately it will not be a useful process, action. On this subject, I do not understand why those who refuse to implement a 2-2 week curfew, especially in Istanbul, where at least 3 percent of the pandemic process in Turkey is experienced. Believe me, people are out of breath from insisting on this issue," he replied.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Özlem Gürses's “20. He was a guest on the program called “Time”. İmamoğlu answered Gürses' questions regarding the coronavirus epidemic and the agenda. In summary, İmamoğlu's answers to some of Gürses' questions were as follows:


“I would like to start my first question with the resignation of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, which was declared first and then rejected by the President, which took place last night for a period of 3 hours. The Minister of Transport was dismissed in an hour towards the morning, then we experienced this. Do all these developments have a relationship with you, the CHP municipalities? How did you read the agenda? "

I don't think we will be related. It is entirely a process of a political party's own functioning within the government. My only wish is to be able to establish the warmest relationship with all relevant ministries, as frankly as possible in this process. Because this is both the requirement of our duty and this is the requirement of the duty of the appointed ministers who do this duty. Therefore, it is of interest to us how the process is operated, rather than who is. In this sense, I frankly wish a process in which both the transparent and the relationship are at a maximum level and turn into a beneficial relationship. I would like to point out that this is the job we need most when running a 16 million city. Because, recently, I have been talking with the Minister of Health 3 times on the phone. I also had phone calls with the Minister of the Interior twice, especially after the donation process. There were those who were beneficial, those who did not reach the result, but there was a communication in the end. I hope we work together on days when we will continue to have useful communication.


“Still, you didn't know about the curfew, right? How did you learn? ”

We had no knowledge. I don't think any mayor knows. I don't even think that even the local supervisors know enough. If they had information, why would they hide from us? What happened at that moment upset us all. I hope that the price of a few hours will not be heavy.


“Mr. President announced today that the ban will be implemented this weekend. Did you know about this? In addition; Is there a communication channel between you and the President? ”

It is sufficient information for us to announce the curfew, which is given for Saturday, by the President. No more is needed. This is what we desire, at a reasonable time for such practices and actions. Mr. President has declared. Today is Monday. Probably the details will be forwarded by our Governor, tomorrow, the next day. The processes we want to have already started should start like this. Let me say this: what is our point of view about the 2-day curfew is a separate issue. I have the knowledge that it is not useful. This is not my knowledge, but the Scientific Board that we established at IMM, as well as world-class research, the World Health Organization, such 2-day quarantine processes, curfews will not be beneficial. It is my most natural right to request a meeting with the President of the Republic of Turkey. Turkey's largest city and president of the council of Europe. I continue my request and then take care of my job; the other is up to them. I think the process works like this.


“Why is there no curfew in Istanbul and critical cities? Do you have any prediction or determination about this? ”

I have been a Mayor since 24 March calling for a curfew. When I make this call on March 24, I'm not someone to keep it up with my mind. In these processes, we entrusted ourselves to reason and science. There is no other way or method. This is what the world does. We have always expressed this process with that mind and science. How painful we were accused of what and what; terrorist organization, a lot of insights about curfew, some fabricated theories, funny funny expressions… I don't want to mention its name; articles were also written in the last curfew process. I attended the Pandemic Board in Istanbul 2 times. The healthcare participants, medical people and scientists there stated that their decision on this matter is clear, that there is a curfew of at least 2-3 weeks. After that, with a wrong start, we were put on a 2-day curfew. Mr. President declared a 2-day curfew for 2 next weekend. I think that the mistake was continued. There are both scientific and medical approaches that it is not beneficial. This is just a little bit like breathing. If the process continues to infect, the densities are showing it right now, unfortunately there will be no useful action, no action. In this regard, why the curfew in a street of 2-3 weeks, especially at least 65 percent of the resistance in Istanbul is experiencing the application of pandemic process in Turkey, I do not understand it. Believe me, human breathing is running out now.

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