Expired Health Reports of Chronic Patients Will Be Valid

Health reports of chronic patients expired in January and after will be valid
Health reports of chronic patients expired in January and after will be valid

📩 02/04/2020 15:05

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, within the scope of the Social Security Institution's measures in the fight against the new type of coronavirus, said, “Health reports and prescriptions of our chronic patients that expire after January 1 and afterwards will be valid until a second announcement.” said.

No Prescribing Arrangements Will Be Required

Minister Selçuk said, “In this context, our patients who receive medicines and medical supplies based on their medical report due to their chronic illness will not need to have a prescription again.” used expressions.

SSI to Cover Medicines and Medical Equipment Cost

Reminding that the obligation of chronic patients and those in the high-risk group to apply to healthcare providers to print prescriptions is temporarily eliminated, Minister Selçuk reiterated that the cost of medicines and medical supplies will be covered by the Social Security Institution.

Previously, it was announced that reports expiring from 1 March and beyond will be valid until a second announcement to prevent chronic patients from suffering.

With the new arrangement, chronic patients whose reports end between 1 January and 1 March will not experience any suffering. Drugs given once a month will also be given quarterly.

“We Suspended the Biometric Authentication System Application Ended on 31 March Until A Second Announcement”

Reminding that they suspended the obligation to implement the Biometric Authentication System in private healthcare providers, Minister Selçuk said, “We temporarily suspended the Biometric Authentication System implementation that was mandatory in all private healthcare providers until 31 March. In this context, we extended the validity of this application to a second announcement. ” made the explanation.

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