Free Mask Distribution Started in Public Transport Vehicles in Ankara

Free mask distribution in public transport vehicles in Ankara started
Free mask distribution in public transport vehicles in Ankara started

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that a free mask will be distributed by the Metropolitan Municipality upon the obligation to wear a mask for citizens using public transportation. Police teams inform citizens about the use of masks about the application launched in Rail Systems by EGO buses.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who shared his social media accounts after the announcement of the decision not to take unmasked passengers on public transport, announced that a free mask will be distributed to citizens.

Mask boxes were placed for citizens who use Rail Systems (METRO AND ANKARAY), especially EGO buses.


With the introduction of free mask distribution, the Police Department's teams, which check whether social distance rules are followed or not, also inform citizens about the use of masks.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department, Mustafa Koç, emphasizing that they started to distribute free masks, considering that Ankara residents could be caught without supply after the decision to impose a mask imperative for citizens using public transportation.

“With the proactive attitude of our president, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, we put mask boxes on all public transportation vehicles for the citizens to use in their emergency needs. Our citizens who are unprepared from their homes and who do not have their hands will be able to take their masks from these boxes while using public transport. We want our citizens to get on public transport by wearing masks. Both the police and our police keep an eye on it. In fact, during these inspections, our citizens are informed about how the mask should be worn and removed. The most important thing to note is that the surface of the used mask is not touched and the used mask must be thrown into a nearby garbage bin. We see a serious insensitivity in this matter, the streets are full of masks. ”


Providing information about the controls on virus measures taken in public transportation, Koç also said, “Our citizens sometimes force our drivers about the rules of sitting in vehicles. This is a very important rule for general public health, to prevent the spread of the virus. In order not to wait for the next car for a few more minutes, we invite our citizens not to take this risk. It is of great importance that the two-seated seats are absolutely seated and the rear-facing passengers sit crosswise. We also put a protective strip on our buses to protect our drivers. If we stop the propagation speed, we will be able to take control. We wish Ankara to return to its peaceful and fertile days as soon as possible ”.

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