Details of Cash Support to Families Announced

Details of financial aid to families explained
Details of financial aid to families explained

Minister Selçuk: “2. Faz Social Assistance will be given to 2 million 300 thousand households in need ”
The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk explained the details of the cash aid that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced to the public yesterday and will be provided to families in need under the 2nd phase social assistance program to combat coronavirus.

Reminding that cash support was given to 2 million 111 thousand households last week, 1.000 TL; “Mr. President shared the good news that the second phase of the support program will begin with the public yesterday. In this context; In the 2nd phase, we will support 2 TL of cash for 1 million 1.000 thousand households, who did not receive the support of 2 TL, which is already receiving social assistance and distributed in the 300st phase. As in the first phase, our citizens will not need to make any application and the aid will be taken home. ” he spoke.

"3. Applications for Phase Outreach will be made on e-Government at a Future Date ”

Emphasizing that their priority as a ministry is to support citizens who are affected economically by the measures taken in the fight against coronavirus, Selçuk stated that preparations for the third phase of social assistance were also made.

Minister Selçuk said that in the 3rd phase, they will support 1 households in need who do not benefit from the 2st and 1.000nd phases.

Minister Selçuk; "3. Faz social assistance will benefit from households who have not previously benefited from this assistance, and these applications will be made through e-Government. We will reach out to all segments that are negatively affected by coronavirus measures. said.

Minister Selçuk also stated that the application process of the 3rd phase will be announced separately.

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