Boztepe is Preparing for the Summer Season

Boztepe is getting ready for the summer season
Boztepe is getting ready for the summer season

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in its Sales Units Buffet and Landscape Arrangement Construction Work in Boztepe, one of the attraction points of the city.

A total of 25 sales buffets, 27 of which are for the sale of local products, were created on the street, which was closed to traffic in order to provide citizens with an insatiable cruise.


Bülent Şişman, Deputy Secretary General of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who said that the works in Boztepe will be completed at the end of May, said, “We closed the existing vehicle road in Boztepe to traffic and started the infrastructure works. We will also offer 27 sales buffets on this street that will be opened to traffic only in exceptional and compulsory situations. 2 of these kiosks will be regular sales kiosks, while others will be kiosks where local products produced in Ordu are sold. In order to develop agricultural policies and enable farmers in Ordu to sell their products here, we have allocated the majority of buffets to the sale of local products with the instruction of our Minister. One of the most important tourism destinations of Boztepe Ordu. Therefore, we continue our landscaping and beautification processes quickly. We aim to complete the works here at the end of May and raise them for the season. ”


Boztepe Sales Units Buffet and Landscape Arrangement Construction Work was designed on an average of 7 m wide and 450 m long axle, which is currently used as a vehicle road. Within the scope of the project, the entire area was planned as a walking axle by closing the vehicle traffic. In addition, a type architectural model was determined for the counters selling irregularly in the area, and 2 sales units were designed in total, 5 buffets, 20 fruit sales units and 27 sales units. Within the scope of wood and floor improvement, 80 percent of the project, whose begonite stone flooring works are ongoing, is completed.

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