Asphalt Work Has Been Carried Out At Tram Transitions In Eskişehir

Asphalt work was carried out in tram nights in Eskisehir
Asphalt work was carried out in tram nights in Eskisehir

Implementing the Corona Virus Action Plan with determination, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues its works while meeting the needs of citizens on the days of curfew. In this context, Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams working in coordination with ESTRAM removed hot deformed stones by removing deformed stones at crossroads and tram level crossings.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which wanted to carry out the planned works faster by turning the crisis into an opportunity, carried out hot asphalt work at the level crossings of the tram deformed for 3 days this week. The works were completed quickly at 9 different locations where ESTRAM and Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams worked in coordination.

Atatürk Boulevard, Ali Fuat Güven Street-Teachers Street, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Street, Süleyman Çakır Street, Iki Eylül Street, Prof. Dr. The teams, which removed the deformed stones at the crossroads of tram roads with the tram roads of Yılmaz Büyükerşen Boulevard, Şair Fuzuli Avenue, Salih Bozok Avenue, İsmet İnönü Avenue, completed the hot asphalt works and made the roads ready. Stating that this study was carried out at some crossroads in order to ensure comfortable passage of vehicles and the positive comments were continued this summer, the authorities stated that the works will continue at the crossroads with problems.

Ramadan Month Arrangement for Tramways

ESTRAM officials stated that the number of passengers decreased by 90% thanks to Eskişehir residents who comply with the Stay At Home calls, and that it will be arranged on April 27, in the month of Ramadan, in order to prevent citizens from going out on the streets after iftar. In this context, the authorities, who stated that tram services will not be held after 27:21.00 as of April XNUMX, warned the citizens once more to stay at home until these difficult days are over.

ESTRAM Timetable
ESTRAM Timetable

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