Accommodation Support for Healthcare Professionals from Izmir Metropolitan!

Accommodation support for health professionals from Izmir Buyuksehir
Accommodation support for health professionals from Izmir Buyuksehir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has rented a hotel and a dormitory so that health workers who work with all their powers to stop the coronavirus epidemic can rest in better conditions and secure their health.

The burden on healthcare workers has increased due to the coronavirus epidemic that has affected the world. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality rented a dormitory and a hotel in Izmir to rest health workers who try to help people who are ill due to the epidemic, day and night. The hotel and dormitory allocated to healthcare workers will reduce both the rest in better conditions and the risk of transmission of the virus from others.

The hotel, which is rented for two months by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the municipal company İZELMAN, can accommodate 120 people and 80 people in the dormitory. Located in the center of Izmir, the hotel was given priority to the employees of Eşrefpaşa Hospital. Health workers working at Dokuz Eylül University Research and Application Hospital will remain in the dormitory rented in Balçova.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who said that I believe we will overcome these difficult conditions with unity and solidarity. Tunç Soyer"For our health, if we can help our health workers who take all risks to save lives, if we can help them and their relatives, we will be happy," he said.

Disinfection works were carried out in the dormitory and the hotel and the healthcare professionals started to settle.

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