SATSO President Altuğ 'We expect TÜRASAŞ Center to remain in Sakarya'

we expect satso president altug turasas center to stay in sakarya
we expect satso president altug turasas center to stay in sakarya

In the recent days, Turkey Railways with Enterprise's subsidiaries Turkey Wagon Industry (TÜVASAŞ), Turkey Locomotive Engine Industry (TÜLOMSAŞ) and Turkey Railway Machines Industry (TÜDEMSAŞ) with heat joining Turkey Rail System Utilities Industry Corporation (TÜRASAŞ) was established. TÜRASAŞ headquarters will be located in Ankara.


Commenting on the subject, Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman A. Akgün Altuğ stated that it would be pleasing in terms of unity that the three institutions would be merged from a single center, but they did not meet the same joy that the headquarters of an important company of our city was taken from Sakarya and moved to Ankara. .

President Anderson expressed as follows: "Turkey Wagon Industry (TÜVASAŞ) is one of the leading companies in terms of Sakarya local and national production. It is pleasing that our large industrial organization, which is among the top 500 industrial organizations in ISO and provides serious added value to the economy of our province, merged with two companies operating in similar fields and doubled its strength.

However, taking the headquarters of TÜVASAŞ, which has a significant share in the economy of our city, into Ankara; I would like to point out that we do not welcome positively because our tax return revenues will decrease further.


As the representatives of SATSO and Sakarya business world, our efforts to eliminate the victimization of our city regarding tax refunds, while moving the center of TÜVASAŞ at the moment, has increased our income loss even more.

It is a pity to encounter such a loss as we struggle to pay the taxes of our large industrial establishments to our city and to move their headquarters to Sakarya, which are not based in Sakarya.

We prefer TÜRASAŞ to have its headquarters in our city as it operates in our city. We do not want to lose our companies that contribute economically to our city.

As a province that produces in every sense, we once again demand the solution of our victimization in the eyes of our President regarding the decrease in the share of the state from VAT returns to the provinces day by day.

As a province that prioritizes service to the interests of the country, both politically and economically, we also expect TÜRASAŞ to remain in Sakarya.

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