Suggestions from UTIKAD to Relieve Land Border Gates

Suggestions to relieve black nerve doors from uticad
Suggestions to relieve black nerve doors from uticad

UTIKAD, the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association, sent the information he prepared on “Measures to be Taken in European Directional Road Transport within the Scope of Coronavirus / COVID-19” to Mr. Fuat Oktay, in writing.

Following the rapid spread of the disease in China starting Covidien-19 is the world's number one trade partner of Turkey in European countries, strict measures were taken. After the measures that also affect the global logistics sector, the door crossings of the vehicles carrying cargo were extended, long waits and stacks occurred at the Kapıkule Border Gate, which is the most important road border connection of our country with European countries.
The citizens of the countries that need the epidemic is widespread within the scope of measures that Turkey take foreign driver but after the 14 day waiting period that will be allowed to pass into Turkey, as well as the Turkish drivers from Europe 14-day follow-up process will be housebound and as well as being unable to work, some EU countries Due to the visa problem arising from stopping the visa procedures or performing too few transactions, the operation of the Turkish TIR fleet and carrying emergency loads has almost come to a halt.

At this point, UTİKAD conveyed the precautions that can be taken at other border crossings to Europe and the following suggestions to the Vice President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Fuat Oktay.


  • 1- procured from the vehicle with the borders of Turkey and Turkish foreign driver to 14 days in quarantine instead of Covidien-19 Board activities in the fight against the epidemic continues uninterrupted, Science also be established in the Agility of rapid diagnostic tests that confirm a sufficient amount of the test center, making the test every driver, and continuing the voyages of the drivers, whose results are negative;
  • 2- for export shipments from Turkey for vehicles going towards Europe also established partnerships with the Bulgarian authorities, the Kapitan Andreevo border will be rerun at the Gate rapid test result is negative the foreign and Turkish to notify the driver of the Bulgarian authorities and coordinated information on the European Union by making the vehicle output after the flows allowing them to move to their country;
  • 3- Application of the method to be applied at Kapıkule Border Gate at other highway border gates through test centers to be established;
  • 4- Making an emergency attempt at the EU to automatically extend the Schengen visas of Turkish drivers until a certain date;
  • 5- Urgent action before the EU to suspend the quota and transit certificate system applied by EU countries to Turkish transport vehicles.

Various measures are also taken in European countries for coronavirus outbreaks, but different practices, exceptions and conveniences are provided, provided that the necessary health precautions are taken for freight transport to continue the logistics flows. EU institutions make maximum efforts not to stop the transportation business and relax time restrictions and similar practices related to vehicle drivers.

The purpose of the proposals is for the cargo to pass through the borders in less than 15 minutes, keeping the roads open for freight transportation, removing national restrictions on transportation and reducing administrative procedures applied to everyone working in the transportation sector.

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